[RESEARCH] Urban vs. Rural Statistics Tracker


There have been quite a few posts on stats, and I noticed that there were a few bits of data that caught my eye. I didn’t have enough information though to see if I was actually getting a trend, or just confirmation bias. So I wanted to look into it a little more.

I created this Google Doc Spreadsheet. Please take a moment to fill out the relevant data. If you have any suggestions for other data, please let me know. I did make the choice between Rural and Urban binary. It may require a bit of a judgment call on your part if you don’t know how to qualify yourself, but that is hard logic on that question. Everything else is pretty free form.

Let’s see if there are some specific things that jump out, and perhaps we can send this to Niantic so we have hard data to back up concerns.

EDIT TO ADD: Please let me know if I didn’t share my Google Doc correctly, I don’t often work in that format.


There may be a few flaws to your research because Pokemon Go players, play very differently:

Some people play hardcore and what as much xp and Pokemon as they can get - other people play quite casually and don’t necessarily care about how much xp they get or what level they are at.


Thanks. Added a column for playstyle. I agree, that is relevant. Any other suggestions?


Umm, how to add myself to your spreadsheet?


It’s in view only mode. We can’t put in our details


And if I could, I wouldn’t do so… what’s that to openly ask for my playername and put it in an open document…???
Do you really think that this is a good way to help players with problems with hackers? Nooo, all investigations has to be made anonymous, maybe later when you go to an university they show you these details.


I endorse for your view this time @bagguille. ‘Open documents’ have to be dealt with confidentiality. We won’t put in the details as we are skeptical about the ‘Open documents’.


Okay, forgot to select the right sharing setting. I fixed it, so it should be editable by anyone.

If you are concerned for privacy maters about putting your player name in there, you can make a pseudonym or other way to mask your identity. I just wanted some way to show Niantic these are real datapoints, not just imaginary points. My playername is not the same as my log in, or even associated with my real name. I figured people would make the name they use disassociate from anything that’s actually sensitive.


I’ve entered my stats and used my user name on here in place of my Trainer name. I got to playing style and based on the others already populating the spread sheet had to select hardcore. Never thought of myself as hardcore as I compare myself to others I know that are above me but upon reflection I am hardcore. Not sure if I should be sad or happy about that?


Thank you NotanotherKangaskhan. Good compromise on the “name”. And given the small sample size, yes, I think you are hardcore. :slight_smile:


Oh, feel free to post the link to your local groups and other teams. I don’t think I have quite the reach to the worldwide audience that many of you may have.


A couple small changes to the sheet if anyone is interested:

  • Added Suburban as a choice since we all aren’t either rural or urban
  • Added Legendary Raids column (get that from counting legendary “seen” in pokedex)


you should also add teams and kilometers walked


Teams and walking distance added.

I am also going to try to go in and protect cells that already have entries.


New fields filled in and existing ones updated.
:open_mouth: at the Legendary Raid numbers in the 3 digits for some.


@Larian it looks like some trainers who have added data have either put erroneous or perhaps incorrect data in. Should be easy enough to see which ones they are as they stand out.
You may want to cleanse the information by querying or deleting it if you’re using this info for any serious research or data set.
It’s becoming a fairly large data set also! Nice work!


Bales, I was on travel for an extended period of time, so I didn’t get a chance to go in and protect fields like I usually did. I’ll make sure to check this out again and get back into the swing of things. The analysis is going to be the harder part.


I just added my info🔥