Research request: Wurmple Evolutions



Researchers of the GO Hub forum, we need your help! We are looking for the following data on Wurmple evolutions:

  • what was your evolution outcome?
  • was your Wurmple male or female?
  • what size and weight was the evolved Wurmple?
  • what time of day was it (day/night)?


They are based on secret values, neither of those things do anything


Sadly I haven’t seen a Wurmple yet, i’ll report here though when I evolve.


I evolved a male and female. It was in the morning around 11 o clock. Got one each. But I doubt that its the deciding factor.


CP 99
IV: 14/12/11
Height: 0.63m
Weight 9.86kg
Late night


Last thing I heard about the evolutions was that Attack and Defense were the triggers.


Nope, my Dustox has higher attack and my friend’s has higher defense


I evolved a male and a female, both are cascoon.


My Silcoon is a female with HP as its strongest stat. My Cascoon is a male and its strongest stat is Defense. Both were evolved at the same time.


I think it is predictable what Wurmple will become.
i only had enough candys for 2 wurmple to evolve so i am not 100% sure about this, but i think it depends on the quick attack wurmple has.
Wurmple with Tackle will become Cascoon
Wurmple with Bugbite will become Silcoon

Again i couldnt test on more than two but an other person i asked to test it verified both the wurmples she evolved (both with tackle) turned into Cascoon.


did a mass evolution this afternoon with 2 wurmples, both with identical iv values, done during the day. wurmple 1 named jesse (no i) with tackle quick move became silcoon then beautifly, second was named may, also had tackle as quick move, became cascoon, then dustox. may was 3.95 kg .33m, jesse was 4.13 kg .31 m


So we’re no closer to an answer on this on yet?


Yes, we are, its the hidden values
Not gender, not time of the day, not IVs, not moves, not weight, not height, not name


You referring to the Pokemon’s Attack Defence and Stamina stats?
Is this similar to the Tyrouge thing where dependent on those stats determined if you got Hitmontop, Hitmonchan or Hitmonlee when evolved?

Ok, I just caught a Female 181 CP, 87% IV Wurmple in my office.
For Mystic it appraised:
Best Attack (15), equal to Defence (15)
Exceed my calculations
This evolved into Cascoon then to Dustox


Even in orginal pokemon series games it was randomly


No, in the games its by those hidden values as well

what was your evolution outcome? 2 Cascoon, 1 Silcoon
was your Wurmple male or female? Cascoon a male and a female, Silcoon a male
what size and weight was the evolved Wurmple?
Cascoon male: 17,6 kg and 0,88 m
Cascoon female: 4,31 kg and 0,63 m
Silcoon male: 10 kg and 0,6m
what time of day was it (day/night)? I only play during day


I just evolve wurmples into Cascoons and Silcoons until I have at least one of each. Then I evolve the strongest one. So far, I have 2 Dustoxs and 1 Beautifly. Not too concerned with trying to figure it out.


Try this:
The last number in the time of day
Also try:
The last number of your current total exp count

Why this is interesting is because I evolve 3 wurmple in the same minute and got all silcoon.
My cousin evolves 2 wurmple in different minute and gets cascoon.

Unfortunately, we are both stuck with just one evolution. (worse for my cousin though who hates dustox).


I really wonder how long will it take before you guys give up