Research Project to determine effect of weather on evolution movesets


I dunno how many of you have actually seen it but most of the time I evolve any pokemon, after evolution it gets movesets which corresponds to the prevailing weather.Like previously when i evolved two makuhitas, one in cloudy weather and the other in Partly cloudy weather, they got movesets like “counter & closecombat” & “counter & heavyslam” respectively but it seems not to work at sometimes so i wanted to know what is the probability factor for getting the desired movesets.
So i made this thread so that everyone can post their Evolution data here.


Look, I’m a researcher in psychology, and I know how much time I have invested in putting the data in charts, so I could analyse the influence-factors.
I understand that your “google-doc” is much easier… but the results don’t have to come the easy way, ask for the data, the people answer, and you put them in the format you need.

Just your first question about our Discord or GoHub username is a smash in my face.

Don’t you know nothing about the danger to let your user-information in Internet-Forms?
For what do you need it? Really you think we are so bored to fullfill your form more then once, and so influence in your outcome?

Pleease, not only you, this way of gathering information is dangerous, please, nobody has to answer this type of questions…


Alright done google form removed…
just post it here in the thread
Well and i just asked the username to prevent spam it is an approach even silph road takes in their forms so i dunno how its gonna be of any harm,anyway for the sake of research post it here in the thread.


And exactly for this reason I still don’t have a Silphroad-traveler card


Well it makes sense for a pokemon that is linked to the current weather to get a move thats boosted by that weather, cause it will be its type. If you evolve a fighting pokemon, the chance of it getting a fighting move is pretty big…

but it seems not to work at sometimes so i wanted to know what is the probability factor for getting the desired movesets.

So its probably just as random as during any other weather type.


I understand the intent with this as it would be nice to know if you’re more likely to get a higher chance of a certain move sets in particular weather.
Truth be told I just did an evolution spree this week for the first time in a long time & wouldn’t remember what the in game weather was when I started / finished & haven’t looked at any of the movesets for those I did evolve.
You could also probably capture the data without the need for any personal identifiers so people don’t think you’re asking for private info as those factors don’t influence the outcome of the data set.
Perhaps trawl the Silph Rd & reddit for any information relating to it. You may find someone is already collecting this.


Now I want to conclude the whole project here…
All you guys have to do is post a screenshot of the Pokémon you evolve after evolution, and tell in what weather it was evolved in this thread simple.Managing the data will be done by me.As per initial reports the movesets gained is not random and the chance of getting undesired moveset has been seen to be low.
Now I went through all the weather related documentary on the silph and even contacted mods about it but none had a solid clue so a help from the Gohub community will be really appreciated.


Haha, even I thought twice before trying it and then didn’t get one cuz it’s kinda felt sketchy.


Hihi, so it is.

Now I only have to wish you luck, and the people respond here. In the moment I have nothing to evolve…