[RESEARCH] Pokestops that change to Gyms


Hello there, RocketLauren here with a topic I’d like to discuss.

Where I live a few months ago a pokestop we had is now a gym. It’s the only one we know in the area so I was wondering if anyone has had this happen in their area and if anyone knows why it has changed.


There’s one I noticed in my town too. I wonder how it gets changed? We weren’t exactly starved for gyms before.


I haven’t noticed anything like that in my City. No new Stops being added or old ones removed.

That’s an impressive spawn point you got there, lucky!

If any Gym/Stop changes take place in my city, I will definitely notice them and report here.


Nothing like that in my town as well. But we never really laked gyms in the first place.


No new gyms here. As we are light on Pokestops here, I’m glad they didn’t switch one to a gym.


Yeah, saw that to in my city ( Copenhagen ), pokestop to gym.
And also a removed Gym, from a area around a prison.


There is a gym in my area that used to always be a stop. Not sure why it changed. Actually a gym was removed from my town once, but a few days later was moved to a different location in the same area.


Yes in my little town I have seen 3 pok stops turn into gyms but they are under construction 2 are in bad places though in front of the fire house , they stare when I spin the stops can’t imagine if I sit and battle for any amount of time there is really no where to park so gotta get out the walking shoes if a raid happens I’m in shady side md


I can confirm now that new Stops have been added in my county. I haven’t seen any new ones in my city, but the Ingress player who placed most of the stops around my area has informed the local community that his submissions for portals (from 2 years ago) have started to be accepted/declined.

As for Gyms, I think an overall rate of 12-15% increase has happened in my city. Many stops in my area have been transformed into Gyms. In the cemetary area for example, we used to have 4 Gyms. Now we have 9. These 5 new Gyms were PokeStops before.