[RESEARCH] Pokémon that spawn from Raid Eggs


If you have been able to participate in raids please indicate what level raid the egg was and what Pokémon came from the egg also CP if you remember. Thanks. I think this will help people determine what raids to choose if they can’t afford to buy the premium raid passes like me.


I fought 2 raids today. One was a bayleaf (lv1)around 4-5000cp and a Muk(lv2) 11200cp. I forgot to screenshot the bayleaf but here are some of my awesome experience today:


If I had to guess. Low tier raid eggs (purple) hatch bosses from the 5k hatch pool (obviously top economic forms where applied). Higher tier (gold) hatch from 10k pool.


As indicated in another thread: This was my raid today. Level 1 difficulty common (pink) egg. CP is 1165, the captured pokemon ended up being CP116 with pretty average IVs (“strong pokemon”, “excellent stats”)


Raids are going on all around me. I had a arcanine from lvl 3 egg at CP 17832 and a Jolteon from a level 3 egg as well, don’t recall the CP.


Level 3 raid, Arcanine 17500 cp around, and you can fight him with 2 people!


level 2 raid, weezing 1200 something cp


I was lucky to be able to raid twice today.

First one was a level 2 Electabuzz, CP 11311.
Second one was Weezing but I don’t remember details.

But there is a Raid Boss list on this page:



I think the CP of raid bosses may be static / set. Did a raid on a level 3 Alakazam (circa 25k CP) & I’ve seen 3 Crocanaw raids today with 5207 as the CP when you battle (two see in my area & one on Mystic7’s vid earlier today.


Fought a tyranitar from a gold egg, 5 people were there for it all around the 27-33 lvl mark and it wasn’t enough unfortunately


My experience is the same. You need at least 5 people. I was trying for about 45 minutes with smaller groups and we didn’t succeed. Untill… we suddenly were with 15 people and we, of course, nailed it easily. I guess it were all spoofers because I didn’t see that many people.

So for the first time spoofers helped me out. :slight_smile: