[Research] Nanab Berry Raid Trick?


Hello, everyone!

Generally, I like to stay in the background and read tips from other people, but being a semi-newly promoted level 36 who’s played the game since launch, I’ve come to the conclusion that I should probably share my thoughts and personal research when it comes to certain things. Namely, raids.

I was away for an entire week, and when I came home, I wanted to get a Zapdos. I had heard from a friend that was in my raid group that if you use a Nanab Berry for your first throw and hit the Pokemon for the capture, then you have a higher chance at catching that Pokemon. So, I decided to use it on (almost) all of the raids I’ve done since this past Sunday, and here are the results, including previous results along with them.

FOR THOSE WHO DON’T KNOW, the trick is to use a Nanab Berry on the first throw, and, as long as you hit it, you have a higher chance at capturing the Raid Boss afterwards. For all of the raids listed below, I used Golden Razz immediately after the Nanab, except where noted.

Previous: 0/0
After Nanab Trick: 7/10
Research Results: Inconclusive, but did start 6/6. IVs were good on all but one, and I caught that terrible one on the Nanab Berry.

Previous: 1/9
After Nanab Trick: 1/3
Research Results: Low number of raids after trying the trick, but the one I caught afterwards has 100% IVs.

Previous: 10/18
After Nanab Trick: 5/6
Research Results: Low number of raids after trying the trick, but only missed one.

Previous: 6/11
After Nanab Trick: 0/2
Research Results: Only tried 2 raids. Can’t gather anything from that. (I also missed on 3 of the throws prior to the last ball on the first one.)

Previous: 6/10
After Nanab Trick: 1/1
Research Results: Only tried 1 raid. Can’t gather any information from that, all though the IVs weren’t great. I also used Pinap Berries on 3 of the throws after the Nanab, but couldn’t catch it from them. I switched back to Golden Razz.

I also completed a Magikarp (for the candy) and Bayleef (for the raid at that gym for a chance at an Exclusive Raid), but only used Pinap berries on them.

Full Results:
Prior to Nanab Use: 23/48, or 47.917%
Using Nanab: 14/22, or 63.636%

While my numbers clearly show that I have a higher chance to catch a Raid Boss after using a Nanab Berry on the first throw, I must say that my results, at this point, are inconclusive. The reason for this is that if you take out the Moltres, my prior catch rate jumps up to 56.41%. While the catch rate is still higher, it’s still pretty close. I’m going to continue doing the trick, if only for confirmation bias, but I would advise against telling people that his is a hard and fast thing at this point. We did see what happened with the OK Button, as that was debunked. However, I welcome everyone to do the same kind of research.

EDIT: I forgot to mention certain consistencies and controls that were put in place, as pointed out by Thorend (no ill will here; just wanted to point out that they’re guiding me through). Here are what’s in place:

  • Every throw is a curveball.
  • Every throw is a Great throw.
  • With the exception of the Tyranitar, I immediately went to a Golden Razz directly after the Nanab.

EDIT 2: I shall update this list as I get more raids complete.


This is a much talked-about trick, but I didn’t notice it helping my catch rate at all.


The reason I wanted to post my results here is because how much people are talking about it. Like I said, it’s inconclusive at this point. If I do another 33 raids, it’ll be more conclusive.


Started trying this 1/2 way through the availability of Moltres.
I believe between my wife, daughter and myself we’ve tested this so called trick quite well.
I don’t believe it has improved the chances of capture one little bit or our combined success rate would be much better than what it is. It took 10 attempts for my wife to finally catch Moltress. It one stage she was on a streak of 42 balls with only 3 missed throws over 4 Raids with 0 captures.

What I do believe is that it makes the Pokemon less erratic moving around as much thus improving your chances of landing more and better throws.


Maybe this is the X Factor when it comes to this. The fact that you have a higher probability of hitting better throws means that you have a built in higher probability of catching it, which in turn leads to a higher success rate.


Not buying it based on what I’ve seen mentioned above.

Here’s a way out theory for you. I have a belief its determined before you throw anything if your going to catch it or not. The throwing different things is just an illusion that we have some form of influence in what happens.
The only way that can be stuffed up is if you miss with every throw.


reopened the topic since the other was closed.

1). Please stay on topic with this post
2). Please use statistics and the scientific method when gathering data and doing experiements to prove or disprove this. That means all the throws have to be consistent sized circled, always hit circle and always be either a regular throw or curveball. It is going to take 300-1000 samples to draw accurate conclusions so if this is a topic of interest it’s going to take teamwork.

Good luck trainers.



Strangely every time I’ve used a nanab berry on a legendary (once on zap, once on molt, once on entei) I have caught it, and not except then. I also good 96% on Zapdos, 96% on Moltres but unfortunately just 76% on Entei. I did 2 Zapdos Raids, 3 Moltres, and 1 Lugia. I did 2 Entei raids. My alternative account caught the first, but on the second, a 1930CP entei ran. In case you didnt know, 1930 is the 100% iv number. Not that I knew at the time, because it was CP ???. It was only after I checked the journal. Either way here are my results:
Zapdos 1/1 with nanab, 0/1 without
Moltres 1/1 with nanab, 0/2 without
Lugia 0/1 without
Entei 1/1 with nanab, 0/1 without.

It is worth noting that this is the only time I have seen such nanab luck. I failed to catch a quilava with this trick.