[Research] Item drop pattern


Hello guys,

This has been bothering me for months but now I finally have the platform to throw this on. @Mythical @JugglerVi @apavlinovic

Did anyone observe that after a long gym run you usually receive a lot more pokeballs than potions and that after a lot of catching you usually get more potions than pokeballs?

Is it just me or does this seem to be an algorithm put in place to force you to catch some not just fight gyms and vice versa.

Your comments would be much apreciated.


It does seem like it takes forever to get potions and revives after battling in gyms. That said, I have times when I am restocking, spinning Pokestops not catching or battling and I seem to get either mostly potions or mostly balls, so I hadn’t given it much thought.


Hmm, I never really noticed this. On the other hand, every time I’m out of a specific item (Revives for example), I tend to get more of other items than the one I need (Revives). Same thing with Pokeballs. I run out of them and all I get is Revives and Potions.

As for Evolution Items, I tend to get the same 3 over and over again. At the beginning of GEN2, I managed to get at least 1-2 items of each, so I managed to get all evolutions that require an item. Since than, the only things I get are King’s Rock, Sun Stones :sunflower: and Upgrades :confused:


Guys we have already crowned @Mythical as the Sunflora master in our city for how many sunstones he gets.

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I did notice this but in other form. Something like:

I need potions and revives, all I’m getting are Pokeballs.
I need Pokeballs, all I’m getting are potions and revives.

Last few weeks all I ever needed was potions and revives and now I have 200+ ultra balls and 300+ great balls (after I deleted most of them).

But I don’t really think there is a algorithm, I just think it’s my perspective so I’m thinking the game is cheating me.


I feel like they give you the harder to get evolution items more too, I’ve had to start deleting upgrades and metal coats cause I can’t get my first porygon 2 let alone 5+ for every upgrade I’ve gotten same with metal coats


I believe there are been a decent amount of research on this to prove the %s on what items drop.
I think it’s just our need for those items now that we used a lot of them that makes us notice it more.
I notice the same thing when I need more pokeballs and I keep getting a lot of potions…


I really have a problem with evolutive stones…
I have not yet found any aleatory stone, but only the 7-day streak ones.
For the moment 7 upgrades, 3 metal coats and one sun stone…
I have in fact received 5 upgrades in a row!!! I hate them.
Is this normal?


It’s completely random. I get kings rocks like they are going out of style. All I can say is just keep spinning.


I’ve used 5 dragon scale but I should of saved 1 cause I got a 100% horsea that is now waiting for a dragon scale for a few weeks I have received 4 metal coats I can use them but all the good iv pokes I have are lvl 20 only and that dosnt get me anywhere cause of stardust being so hard to get after 5 steelix and 5 scizior I just can’t have anymore lvl 20 on hand not enough room ,I spin the same stop at like 2am every Friday nite and 3 out of 5 spins have netted me a metal coat kinda happy I get them just not the one I need !!


You should try to change your buddy Pokemon according to evolution items (you want).It work when you get 2 to 3 candy by new buddy Pokemon. Hope you get it


There is a trick for you to get two evolution items in one week ,when you spin 6th day streak bonus pokestop after that you should spin only lured pokestop and continuous spin 10th pokestop ,I am sure you will get a evolution items .If this trick works reply me


I noticed this recently, I used to get loads of potions and revives but now I only seem to be getting Pokeballs and berries. Since the raids have come out I hardly ever get Hyper and Max Potions. Whenever I need potions; after raiding and battling I hardly get any but when I’m just catching Pokemon and spinning stops I get lots of Potions, balls and berries.


I think this may be all just based on your perspective. If you REALLY need something, it may seem that you never get it, but in reality, you’re getting the same amount that you always did. Just like if you REALLY want a shiny magikarp, it seems like you’ll never get it, but if you just un-focus yourself from that goal, you may just be surprised and get one. Now that being said, it does seem like I’ve been getting an exorbitant amount of poke balls lately, like even beyond the normal amount. I mean, I’ve been grinding like crazy, and I can’t get my poke ball count lower than 330!


Any info on the new Deepsea Tooth/Scale?


They’ll come, but when…


Maybe in the next big update… we will see @45Colt and @Jormdeworm