Research: Hatching in Weather


I lack the motivation to do this myself, but does anyone know if egg hatches can/are boosted by weather (e.g. hatching a Dratini in windy weather might make it higher cp?)? Just curious, buddies.


I have hatched a slugma, a cubone and a geodude in clear weather and nothing happened as far as greater level. I dont believe weather affects hatches levels.


I “hope” it has no effect. There are players who need several days for a 10km egg, so nearly to shure they have different weather on the road. Which weather will be aplicated? The one in the moment of hatching? I think it wouldn’t be a good idea.


Well, one youtuber hatched 100% when hatch was boosted, since it was Ponyta and weather was clear, so maybe?


Yeah, but Jonno always has good egg luck so it’s probably a normal occurrence for him.


Possible, but it could be always weather effect


The Pokémon is chosen at the time you acquire the egg so you’d have to remember the weather at the time you got the egg.