[Research] Hatch anything from eggs?


Hi thanks for stopping by, what I wanted to reach to you all about is a research that I’d like to start. It’s about hatching anything from eggs; because once, I put grimer as a buddy and two days later it hatched from an egg, and that happened again when I put porygon as a buddy, I hatched two days after. I saw that this happened to trainer tips to when he put porygon as a buddy he hatched it two days later so do you think it’s a coincidence or is the pokemon you hatch is determined by something ? Would it be possible for the people that read this article to tell me about there experience so that we could resolve this because I need to see this at a larger scale than just myself. Also, thanks for stopping by, and have a great day !


Hi @Oscar17580 maybe you should set up a google form for collecting data? For example, who is your buddy at the moment of hatching and what did you hatch?


Hello @apavlinovic , thanks for stoping by, but how can I ? I don’t really know how google forms work


The Silph Road has been conducting egg-related research projects for quite some time now. They developed their egg/species-rarity tiers from solid research and statistically-significant findings. Through their exhaustive egg-related research, The Silph Road is also quite confident that egg species is determined at the time the egg is received from the PokéStop. Here are links to two of their articles from which I gathered this information:

Never-the-less, I find your theory fascinating, and I am happy to help. I suggest your spreadsheet track which pokémon was the buddy when each egg was received and that pokémon should be kept as the buddy until a certain number of eggs are hatched. Then switch the buddy, and the new data collection starts from eggs picked up after the buddy switch. This seems overlay-wordy. Does this make sense or is it confusing? Please let me know of anything I can do to assist with this project. :slight_smile:


Hi @ejrajzer ! Is there anywhere we could talk more privately about the spreadsheet and other things ? Twitter or other ?


You can message each other using the forum inbox


Well I’ve been hunting for months for a Phanpy and I ended up eventually hatching one and then my next 4 or so 5km eggs were all Phanpy! Same thing happened with Snorlax. I think once you have a Pokemon it’s easier to hatch or find one in the wild.


Would be Interested to see what the results then out to be!


I put Chansey as my buddie 3 days later 2 in a row hatched then 5 mantine in a row and another Chansey now I’m in a Chansey drought for over a month now


I’ve been walking my dratini for like 180 km and only got like 3 hatches, 2 on the same day, and one after one month. Still no dragonite :c But I once hatched phanpy like 4 times in a few days.


Hi everyone ! Thanks for all of your responses, i’m going to create paper chart, and I’ll keep it up with all of your responses, I will hit you up if anything interesting comes out.


I’ve been walking chansey for a while and my last five 10k eggs have been awful (2 gligar, mantine, sudowudo and a miltank), so I wish you were correct, but it might just be a coincidence


I’ve been walking chancey now since gen2 came out so 2-3 months. I’ve had probably around 30+, 10k eggs. Only 2 have been chancey.

I don’t think there is any correlation between buddies and egg hatches. I do believe it is RNG within the odds specified per egg/pokemon


This thread hits close to home. My girl and I (both daily pg players) have this inside joke that began a month or so ago after notice the same thing.
While I cannot backup the “2 day” theory, I can say that our joke is based around the theory that:

“I betcha that after walking this “Larvitar” 89km and finally get my first Tyranitar, I’ll hatch one from my next 10km egg with like, 32 candies”

“Lmao. OMG! How mad would you be?”

Next 10km hatch…Larvitar…with better IV’s!!! Lol. It’s probably just a strange human brain event. However, just like this thread implies, it sure feels like there’s something too it!


sometimes you can even get egg hatches that reflect the current spawns in that location and you are like shit is there a correleation?


I put porygon as my buddy on Saturday, cause porygon 2 it is the last pokemon i miss from my pokedex, and today I hatched a Porygon for the first time.I dont know if it was luck or not,but I will take the candies