[Research] Calling all trainers to gather information on Shiny Chaining in Pokemon Go



We have some new information about shiny chaining in Pokemon Go. I would like to invite everyone to contribute information to either disprove or prove this theory.

In a thread on the Silph Road reddit created by u/the_rabble_alliance they reported that they have been able to successfully catch 4(yes, FOUR) shiny Magicarp in a period of less than 24 hours. Refer to post:

My theory is that chaining for shinies is present…

After this post went up, I posted a comment asking for more information on this phenomenon. Please do read through that comment thread. My reddit is same as my name here.

From what we can gather so far, from the main post, and some comments:

  • Merely catching a lot of Magikarp in a row does not seem to result in chaining
  • Chaining may have conditions similar to 10 pokestop bonus(time from first to nth magikarp, time between magikarp, etc.)
  • Fleeing pokemon seem to interrupt the chain
  • Hatching pokemon, spinning pokestops, and the game crashing does not appear to have any effect either

If everyone in suitable biomes could help gather more information along with journal screenshots, we could make this a more rigorous experiment.

Just a note: This may have to be put off till the end of the Rock Event, as spawns of water Pokemon in water biomes have probably gone down.


I’m already part of the SR research group on shinnies.
I can do double duty! :sunglasses:


Great. Look forward to hearing back from you. On a side note, how does one join SR research groups?


Here’s the link


Awesome idea! Mind sharing the data with other fellow Hub researchers? Shinny chaining is an elusive topic, but I’ll join whole heatedly after this event ends


All the data is in the reddit post linked in main post. There, you will find a table with the details of the chains and in my comment to the thread is a follow up question which OP responded to.


My friend caught 2 shiny magikarps in a matter of 30 minutes. It happend at our local Zoo, about 2 weeks ago. I’m not sure about the biomes there, but you would usually find at least 1-2 magikarps if you walk among all stops/spawn points. We were walking around between 6 lures and both magikarps were regular spawns (not from lure).

Hope this helps somehow.


I’m surrounded by water biomes…I’ve actually been searching for a good non-water biome to try and take better advantage of the rock event

I will sacrifice a few days of normal hunting to see if it works after the rock event (rocks are too rare for me to pass up). I still don’t have a shiny, so worth a shot.

My luck will be I’m well into a chain and a larvitar or something will spawn, in which case the chain will have to break lol


Just a reminder to start this collection of data.


I went to my magicarp lake that usually gets me a handful per rotation and it only gave me one. Typically I get 4-5. I will try a different place when I get a chance. I’ve tried this a few times and the magicarp just aren’t cooperating

The largest chain I have so far is five.


Chained together 4 this afternoon and no luck :disappointed:


quick little magicarp hunt:

I caught the first magi at 11:39-then i unexpectedly hatched a ponyta

after the ponyta between 11:44 and 11:53 i chained together 7 with no shiny. I might be able to continue the chain in a while, but i don’t know if long amounts of time between catches would effect anything.


I know this is an old thread but to me chaining did not work… When all i needed was a shiny magikarp to complete my shiny collection I set out just to get magikarp nothing else. I caught only magikarp for 4 nights straight never once hatched an egg, had one flee, etc. It took me catching 490 magikarp in a row before I got my shiny.

Likewise with Pikachu which does not regularly spawn in my area I randomly clicked on one one day and it was shiny. only had seen and caught 30 at that time.

Sableye was another that was trouble for me. During the ghost event I saw 420 sableye and caught 370. After the event was over I randomly clicked on Sableye 421 and it was shiny. Shuppet and Duskull I got both shiny during the event at around 180 seen.


Oh, I am going to join this research!!!? I Got 2 shinyDuskulls in 5minutes after chaining for a while during the Halloween event!!! I’ll try it again as soon as possible