Research Breakthrough Reward August Discussion


What will be August’s Breakthrough Reward? Personally I’m hoping for it to go back to legendaries, the Snorlax is cool but for most rurals like me the Research Breakthroughs are our only way to get legendary Pokemon.


Dogs most likely, I need them all but Suicine.


Hope its a legendary. Wouldn’t mind the dogs. I have them all already but i don’t really want a lvl15 ordinary mon with legacy move.


When they start the Celibi mythical research hunt, we should start getting the dogs.


Hopefully, but what about ho-oh and lugia. Also groudon and kyogre and rayquaza will need to come at some point


Ho oh and Lugia have already been released twice. Dogs have only gone out once.


He means that they could come out next in field research as lugia came out before the dogs and ho-oh shortly afterward (not sure about that one). No one really needs ho-oh either and lugia isnt that great to, better for defending but can not be added to gyms.


Hooh and lugia were recently in raids. They won’t be in boxes any time soon. Plus I have 38 hooh so I wouldn’t be too happy


Cool that’s 38 more than me


imo they should be in boxes at the same time as in raids. Boxes for some players are an addional way to get legendaries but for rural players like me it’s the only way.


they do not have to be in boxes, these items can and do get.


People here forget that in poho there are really 2 worlds of players those in commumities going for raids and solo players like mě. I don t want to meet other players. I don t want to share my time with other unknown persons…i play myself. Solo. And field research and mew and celebi quest is the only way to get them to pokedex. Please accept the fact there people not using facebook or instagram 100 times a day. And those are solo players. I don t care why you have 38 hoo ooh because it s useless…


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