[research]A way to calculate Ditto transformation CP


I just thought that i should share this

I hope it will be useful!!!


I like it, but I would never try to use a Ditto in Combat… (I like all mathematical background of PoGo)


Yes but a maxed ditto sometimes pays off especially vs gyarados.


I’ve tried the formula…
I have a Ditto with 465 CP. Divide it por 7, as in the example, and you get that my Ditto has a Level of 66…
I think there is a big problem in this formula…


Can you please explain it a bit more to me about the problem what is the problem of getting a lvl 66 ditto.
You get 66*27= 1782 CP Charizard :slight_smile:


Yes, until now I thought the Max-Level is 40, for players and monsters. So, or it’s bad explained, or it’s an error.
Maybe they could call it “Porcentage over the Maximum”, but calling it Level is a very bad choice.


This one is easier to use imo:


Maybe I have to explain a little bit more…

Mathematics, formulas and equal things are international, understandable by everyone, without importance from which country you come.
So, the language, the syntax used, is very important. It’s not possible to say “doesn’t matter, you understand what I want to say…”. No, that is something we can do between you and I, or in this forum. But not explaining a formula to calculate x or y, there you have to be serious.


The level mechanics does’nt really work the way you are thinking in Pokémon go, Pokémon here can reach lvl 100 except mewtwo perhaps but the formula always works.


The equation also doesn’t work fighting against a Raid Boss if you happen to use against it.


The thing is that the equation doesn’t work the way you are thinking you need to find the max real CP of the raid boss and calculate not the overpowered CP shown for the raid boss.
Say your raid boss is electabuzz of 12000 CP approx then your lvl 66 ditto will transform to
66*(2196/100) = 1449 CP.
For the fact of matter this equation was discovered by me while battling raid bosses with ditto :slight_smile:


The tool you @Cirithungolem showed us is just too complicated for beginners to come in handy…


No, and again no, you can´t call an equation work because you like it. A lvl 66 Ditto doesn´t exist, forget it.
Change your equation, so your mon’s get into the real system.
Maybe after we can talk about validity.


Alright maybe the level term might not seem appropriate to you but did Niantic ever officially said that lvl 40 is the highest Pokémon lvl.
I think we should do some more research on the levels of Pokémon for better cooperation between researchers ,BTW researchers can have different views on a topic :slight_smile:


Again, if in a future Niantic changes the maximum level… well, we will accept it. But now you have to accept what are there.


So you mean that a mewtwo a lvl 100 will have 8000+ CP


Never I will tell this, until a Mewtwo with lvl 100 will exist


The only thing I wanted to know is that did the formula work for you.


No, it doesn’t work, because it starts with proposals not real…
Don’t take it the bad way, I’m not against you, only I’m very strict in mathematics and equations.
And, please, let me time to answer, I’m working in other things at the same time.


Sorry about having called that base multiplier thing as level but are you really answering after having checked it or just pushing your own thoughts because this formula was tested in 10 battles without fail.