[REQUEST] YouTuber Section


These are a few of my personal favourites. I assure you that their content is suitable And doesn’t promote anything bad.

PokeAK-a level 40 player in Alaska. His content mainly revolves around gyms and how to battle properly. He also does stardust sprees and reports accurate news.

Prodigies Nation-a level 40 player in Tennessee. Like above, his content is mainly gym based and (atm) is focused on legendary raids and how to maximise your chances of catching them.

Jonno Plays- He may be a bit controversial after the GoFest incident but his content is very entertaining. He usually does hunting videos (searching for 100 IV/rare Pokémon) but does other games like Magikarp Jump.


Mystic7 - level 37, fun content, does mini challenges which he has to accomplish. Not biased and travels a lot.


I only like YouTubers who vlog their Pokemon GO videos, I don’t like videos where it’s just people recording their phone screens; it’s not fun or entertaining most of the time. I have heard of / watched Prodigies Nation and Jonno Plays.


The three I watch are trainer tips, mystic7 and straight up knives.

I also watch prodigies nation occasionally…He’s the best battler I’ve seen on YouTube. He has a few guides to soloing level 3 raid bosses that I found very helpful. I wish he would get out of his car and play more, but good info.

If you want to watch a guy using a tracker, but not providing any insight or commentary on the game, that’s jonnoplays. Not worth your time imo.

I’ve tried watching reversal a few times, but not a lot

Another guy that does good videos, but quit playing/uploading Pokémon go for a while is Lachlan. His recent Japan videos were all really good. He’s based in Australia, so it’s a unique perspective.


Prodigies Nation is basically the Orange Juice of PoGo


Lachlan is a very good YouTuber - I’ve been watching him for years :slight_smile:


I will do it when I get the chance man that whould be great


YouTubers are not better then normal people so Its a bad idea


Ok. Before thinking if this idea is good, i have a question

Is there any active youtuber???


No one is saying that YouTubers are bette than everyone else - where did you get that from?


Yea they did. Even the name of the post says that. YouTubers are Just normal people sobthey have to post in the normal section


I agree all the do is play pokemon go to earn money. Either they buy pokecoins, hack, or make you fell bad that you are not where they are. I watch Mystic7 though.


Thats How I think my friend! :+1::+1::+1:


I agree ya why do we need a ENTIRE SECTION so they can post content.


Yeah they can Just post at the normal sections


I agree why are we treating them like Gods?


I dont Know they Just want money so they dont have to work


So you would rather YouTubers spam their videos in random thread than have them in a controlled section of the forum? >.>


Ya. And the funny thing is, no YouTuber has ever said one thing in this section, and its been almost a year now.


I am a YouTuber and that’s why I started the thread -_-