Regional spawns massively nerfed !?!

I catch 5 mr mime a day :sob::sob::sob:

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Mr Mime and Solrock still show up. There´s one Mr. Mime nearby a pokestop just passed by. Saw that Solrock was in the wild, nearby where i was walking, but didn´t saw it. Volbeat was at a nearby city park where´s theres a Gym. Zangoose, only caught 2 and saw 3 in 5 months of play… Corsola got 5 on 5 on the special days. Haven´t saw any of the others, since they weren´t available on Europe after started to play.
Plusle and Minun are common in a electrical plant nearby a park on the biggest city north of here. Now Voltorb is making some appeareances there. Pikachu, must hate that place since never saw one there.

I catch one Tauros a month :sob::sob::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Mr Mime in the UK has remained available along with Plusle, Minum, Zangoose and Solrock and Volbeat are as common as Ratata even through the event. The only affected Pokémon are those in field quests

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And again Plusle and Minun aren’t regional…


And again, I said they were, and in previous events these have continued to spawn with other regionals even though they re now longer region locked.

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Pfff. Cant we just agree that regionals from GEN 1 still spawn and close this topic? Its tiresome…


You have missed the point! It’s not the Gen 1 regionals that’s the issue!
Thought the gohub forum would be a good place for some discussion on this but most seem to be missing the point, sorry, but I think I’ll look elsewhere for people who actually play the game and understand what’s going on!

Good idea @Robdebobrob.

I caught a Solrock yesterday, I normally can’t find them. So they still appear.