Regional Rotation


This is for @Yoshi



So now I can add Torkoal to my list of Pokemon I will never get unless we get a special release like Farfetched.


Exactly, I’m European, so the same with Relicanth, with Tauros or Kangashkan… Our “nice” Mr. and Mrs. Mime are not enough in change…


I am sick of Taouros. A “mime” would be better than a “moooo” I guess in USA


Haaaahahaha, Moooo, your quite right, but it’s too funny.
Let’s prey that they will giive us the interchange… I send you a Mister or a Miss Mime, or better both and you send the both genders of Tauros, because I am a collector of both genders…


Do you have two genders for magnemite? Lol but regional swaps or trades would be great though. :smiley:




Ayyy, one with screw on the top, and another one pointing down… lol


Like the gender sign… hahaha lol.