Region Locked Pokémon


I’m a broke college student which means the region locked ones are going to be a problem for me. So far I’ve done a fantastic job keeping them out of the dex (except for the gen 2). The only solution I can think to solve this is to let someone log into your account in that region and catch it for you. What are your guys thoughts on this? I have one problem off the bat I can think of:

  • if you use gmail servers then you are giving away your email password. Fix: I guess change right after you confirm the catch.

It sucks because I want to catch them all but unfortunately we live in a world where that requires a decent amount of money.


Worst. Idea. Ever.

Your account would be at the mercy of someone you may not even know… They could simply clear you out of pokes and empty your bag and then your account will be totally screwed.

The only thing I could recommend is if you had family abroad to get them to catch for you but I’m guessing that’s not an option?


That’s when you hope for the integrity of the community, we all know the struggles of catching and grinding to the point we are at, that’s why I would have this topic here and not on twitter.


I think it’s great that i can’t catch them. Means that hopefully one day I’ll be able to go somewhere like Thailand and catch Corsola (like my brother did). Giving him my account wouldn’t make it fun for me. No point in that really.


I get that but I just hate having holes in my pokedex that could take years to fill, the gen 2 ones are more accessible as I could find heracross in Florida and I think some people have caught corsolas there too


Perhaps when trading goes live later this year this may help resolve a few issues?.. i know id trade my wife for a Kangaskhan… :smirk:


That’s what I’ve been waiting for, even still one thing I’ve noticed is a severe drop in Tauros spawns in my area, they used to be all over the place and now I never see them, not that I need any but I’d be totally down to catch them for people not from the US


I’d wait for trading, if you don’t care about actually catching them yourself.

BTW working with a lot of fellow other “used to” broke college students. Our company’s students can earn international travel trips. You can PM me if you want more info (not sure about off topic rules in the forum)

I’ve been able to get 2 regionals because of it and have a 3rd lined up too


I understand you. At the start I wanted to be the one to catch them all. Right now I want to be the very best like no one ever was, to catch them isn’t really my real test so I’m not that into it right now. :slight_smile:


The other problem with waiting for trading is I believe Hanke has said that in order to trade you have to be close to the person. So not being able to trade over the network means that distance is still an issue