Regi Trio initial location


Was talking to people in my raid group today what regi will appear in what region first. (I.e NA get registeel first while Asia get regice, etc) so I thought it be interesting to see what ya’ll think about which regi will appear in what region initially.


Although we don’t know that they’ll be released in a regional manner, it wouldn’t be shocking, if they do use this approach I’m assuming it’ll be random assignments with the separation boundaries being the same ones they used for the legendary dogs.


True, but for all intents and purposes of this post, we’re (I’m) going with the assumption that it be like the legendary beast/dog trio, and want to see what people think will be the regi that will initially show up in their region


Hopefully each will have only one or two weeks and not a whole month


please not 3 months of boring legendaries! just drop them all at once, it will be fun to raid not knowing which will hatch. This will also be good for raid attendancy which is dropping for the first time ever in my city.


For no special reason, I’d say Regirock is first in Europe, just a feeling.

But after Latias/Latios, I think, we will get another repetition of an old “single” legendary, before the Regi trio is released. Maybe Ho-Oh? Maybe even with shiny chance again, like Lugia? With that shiny possibility, people were raiding Lugia like crazy… And that’s what Niantic wants, I guess: sell raid passes


I agree that they’ll probably do more old legendary raids before the regi trio, (or they might make the regi trio the 7th day field research legendary Pokémon, but I digress). I guess the America’s will get registeel first before the others.


they are probably going to do the regi trio after latas and latos


I would say Ho-Oh comes back first.


I think they will do it like they did with the Birda.


In my group of trainer, many already stated that the wont raid as much for the Regis trio.
For me i hope all three come without location spesific for 1 month and done


Nobody will raid them much, they are horrible even with perfect IVs
It would be amazing if they just let all of them appear at once for a month


I actually hope for a whole month, because it means I might have a chance to get into the city for each one.


IT will be in the months I have the most time and my brother will be around who also plays so I can go more as my mum gets bored so it’s the only time 1 month in total is fine by me