RankedBoost is reliable?


Title pretty much says it all. I was doing some Mamoswine research before investing in my 93% Articuno, and while the GoHub article says he’s gonna be a beast, Rankboost states the following stats:
ATK: 130 < worse than Lapras
DEF: 90
HP: 220
So, do you guys use RankedBoost for reference? It definitely looks a little misleading to me.


No i did when i first played but its very inconsistent.


rankedboost is not reliable this site is more reliable for news and silphroad is another reliable site to use


The stats are his actual stats from the games (besides his HP, which is doubled so its from GO)

But yeah,RB is still hugely unreliable, just check out their article about legendaries
Go to GamePress if you want better info


I do not know whether sustainable and reliable development is because the pokemon exists, but it exists.


Honest reply: Ranked boost posted All of their pokedexes right when the game came out. There has been significant changes to pokemon sincr then and they have rarely updated. So don’t use it, GO HUB has the same stuff but better.


And GamePress even beats GoHub (altho I like how it has even unreleased Pokemon with their somewhat accurate stats (lacks more forms, it shows Giratina’s Origin model but Altered stats, doesnt include nerfs for Mons over 4000CP, etc) GamePress has in my opinion better articles and more detailed dex