Raikou quest Catch topic



Share your Raikou Quest catches!


I got snorlax :rage::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Awww … Jumped the gun on the changeover time??

Could be worse, could be a 10cp Rattata


Not a bad start, but not really worth the candy/dust IMO





11/11/13, already use it without powerup to battle against water-typed gyms


Got a 79%…I hope for at least a 15 ATK one!


Got him on first ball today, but he was only 73%


My first Raikou was an 87%. Not bad, but I bet I can get a better one next week!


Not bad…


My first one was 15/12/15 (93%), but it had the worst moves (Volt Switch and Thunder). :sob:


Currently IV cannot be changed, but moveset can. Wait until September to decide what to do.


At first I thought mine was rubbish, saying defence was 15. Instead it’s actually 14/15/14 :+1:


That’s 95~96% IV, nice :star_struck:


Got my second one today, an 80% iv, but i’m not complaining. I have an 100% already :grin:


Ya, you can keep pinap-ing the rest and power up the 100%


The 96% was my first Raikou. Has a bad moveset though. Need to go get some TMs.


My first one was big trash.


96 is very good, just tm the move