Raikou Counters


consider yourself lucky. not everyone has spawns like Gible. We’re stuck with rattatas, swablus and meows etc.


Yes, they did. June 29th–this coming Saturday–at 4 PM local time.


Thats Raikou your talking about right? I was responding to your make up thingy above.


Yes, that’s Raikou I’m talking about.

If you were asking about Gible Community Day, no they haven’t. I know they will have a Community Day for it, but we don’t know when. Currently, we know of only two more Community Days with confirmed dates (July 21th and August 3rd) . We’re thinking that Mudkip will be July’s featured Community Day, but August’s Community Day remains a mystery, Ralts and Gible being the likeliest candidates.


No… Still talking about your response about the make up thingy for the GO Fest Incident. Wich i asked about 5 days ago and im pretty sure they already made up for that by now.


They did, yes. It was interesting how they did it. Apparently, if you had a ticket for that day of the event, you didn’t have fly back to Chicago to do it. It just happened wherever you were at. Someone reported a Pachirisu catch in Australia because of that. The Jirachi quests were also adjusted so that they weren’t location based.


Niantic choosing smart, logical and creative solutions to their problems instead of showing the fans a middle finger? Is this 2100?