Raids need a solo option


I mean personally for me if I can’t do a t5 raid I know that I’ll be able to get it on wed with my raiding group. And even before I joined the raiding group I’d wait around popular high traffic areas for a group to show, hence how I got both kyogre and Groudon. So I don’t think they should mess with the timer and CP just so a some people can solo a t5 raid, especially since they just added quests with moltres as a reward.


i’ll never have faith in Niantic. They have yet to help rurals. Also my point is still valid. Go to any raid late and your shit out of luck. Questing for a legendary bird is completely different.

All my real life trainers agree with pretty much all my ideas. :sob:


Why go late to raid? Just communicate with others and be on time
They did help rurals a lot with quests, I dont see what you mean


Some people cant communicate with other trainers, what cant you understand?

If you go a location any raid location few minutes late, you can be shit outta luck for that raid. Anything can cause that. Traffic, emergency, life, just not arriving on time.


That is a ridiculous arguement for a solo option. Be on time or communicate with the other trainers. If there is a set start time then you are obviously using something to organize the raid so why not ask for an extra couple minutes if life has slowed you down.

As for solo options in general, Niantic has incentivized you to socialize in the game using lvl 4 & 5 Raids. I personally think the feature is something that saved this game.

As for rural players, the entire quest system was Niantic answering the get Rural players legendaries. There is still a ton of work that needs to be done but they have taken steps to help rural play (Pokestop submissions will be huge).


Thank you for this! This is the perfect response to this entire thread.


My gf dad aint gonna go on a discoord or talk to anyone… he just gonna go to the raid location and hope people there if he few mins late(2 minutes) everyone could be done and leaving…has happened to me countless times. Both of you must of never been late to anything ever. Or just have so many raids around you that you do no care. t5 impossible for any solo. If you have everything else you only want t5. even on forum there people who say they dont got any legendaries. Quest doesnt switch untill a whole month.



I’ve been late to raids countless times, there’s always other raids. And if someone chooses not to get discord/join Fb group or messenger to see raid times it’s their choice, so they shouldn’t be mad if they just go to a raid and everyone is leaving. That happened to me multiple times so I decided to join a group so I could find out what time raids were happening.


If he has a smartphone that runs Pokemon Go, then I assume he has access to Whatsapp? Set up a local Whatsapp group and use that to co-ordinate.


I hope that raid bosses and quest special boxes line up soon


You telling a grown man to download whatsapp for a raid? no im not suggesting that to him. He’ll just continue to miss them. Yall not realistic at all.


Making sure that all T3 raids are challenging but possible to solo is a great middle ground in my opinion. There should really be specific rewards or achievements for defeating difficult bosses by yourself.

Another thing that would greatly improve the quality of life for Solo Raiders would be a “Ready Up” system that would allow you to skip the 2 minute lobby.


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