Raids need a solo option


To be honest, I think it’d be a great idea if Legendaries became obtainable through quests. Maybe in 50km eggs (33.3km using a Super Incubator), though that’s more a matter of detail.

  1. You cant like your own comment lol, stop assuming bullcrap to support your argument

  2. And again, raids are meant to be done in multiple people, wait for quests if its so difficult to join a discord/facebook group


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I think exclusive rewards for specific content are a sign of bad game design. However, just simplifying content to make rewards more accessible isn’t a good solution either. The solution should be with alternative content. And, since we’re talking Pokemon Go, most raiders won’t mind if they get another shot at a Ho-Oh or some other legendary they already met through questing. There’s always a chance to get a better IV, not to mention there are plenty raiders who did a dozen raids on some boss, but saw each and every ball break open again.

However, what I think most raiders will also agree with, is that they’d want to get the first shot at such Pokemon, meaning, they’d only become available through questing after they’ve had their month of raiding on it. It actually wouldn’t make much of a difference in the greater scheme if the release of pokemon as a quest reward coincided with its appearance as a T5 boss, but raiders do tend to be a bit competitive on such matters, and like to have their “firsts”.


Id have no problem with a 50k egg but must be used on a normal incubator not super.


I think raids need at least 6 people. So if you are in a rural area can you get 6 family members to play on their accounts?


How about confirming charge card home address or other method or proof of home address in a rural location, and then, getting special access/assignment to the nearest active raid gym (still have to travel a little but not to that actual location, maybe a designated location, that then links you to a city location) that shows Discord activity based on home address and name match? Or, Niantic grouping rural groups together and assigning them together, linked by Discord activity?


Getting people together isnt Niantic’s job


The only reason people are against this is because it was worded an is being executed wrong.

Here is how raid should be done:

Depending on how many players in that raid, the timer should be adjusted.

if you are 1 person vsing a T5 you gonn get more time than if it was 20 people.

With this implementation it makes full room have to work together and faster since it will have less time and in the case of smaller groups they will need stronger mons.

Since i don’t really pay attention to the seconds im not sure as to how much time should be for 1-5 players and what not but this is the correct way to go about players who can’t get the numbers to still have fun.


Again, legendary raids should never be done solo, they exist to help you meet new people and promote teamwork in the game


And what exactly happens when no one wants to raid or to early in morning. raiding should be time based on how many players.

Example rn i want to do rayquaza but cause i didnt enter the raid the first 5 minutes i can no longer geta good group of people. BUT if you could solo raid with a bigger timer i can now raid and “spend” my raid pass.

The goal is to play. No matter team or not. A Trainer should be able to enjoy the game solo or not. I’m not Ash i can do this alone!!


Stop using Ash for comparison, might as well delete any possibly good Pokemon from your box and travel around the world, losing battles back and forth

No, raid time shouldnt be adjusted just cause you cant get enough people


Ash is the main character of pokemon you sir are mad.

I’m trainer red🤷🏾‍♂️

Without helping players which is what your doing only makes more people quit. Your apart of the niantic problem. If you never seen the problem which seems you havent since you dont get the timer difference is the easiest way to help groups of smaller size. Unless your lvl40 most people dont want to raid with less than 5 people let alone do it alone.


Or maybe they should use a different system for solo players instead of breaking a feature for groups?
Genius, I know


This forum needs a dislike button. Can’t help the ones who need help and will end up quiting.


Players generally quit because they get bored of the game, or because it’s bloody cold/rainy/whatever outside. Not getting a specific Pokemon like a T5 raidboss isn’t why they quit the game. Not being able to find a group to fight a T5 raidboss on the other hand might be a reason to quit for some, since they want to do group-content. But, for the reward of the content itself? It’s just another Mon in your storage. Just like Relicanth or Tauros or Tropius. Two of which a normal legit player generally won’t have, and I don’t think anyone ever quit because of that little fun fact.

Heck, as it currently stands, no new player will ever be able to get even 1 point into his or her Ace Trainer medal. Must be a terrible gnawing feeling for many OCDs out there.


Boredom from not being able to play all the features of the game. Ie raiding T5

I have no complaints. I’m here for the people who can’t do what others can.


Again, thats what quests should fulfil

Besides, even these people can raid, so the only thing locked away from them are the Pokemon, just like regionals


1: you cant like yourself
2: lol, do you see someone soloing an absol or a rayquaza(read Gohub raid guides wich say u need more players)


Just… How would raiding a T5 be any different from raiding a T3, if you did it on your own?
Both more or less require you to assemble a set of counters.
Both require you to smack your mobiles’ screen till either the timer runs out or the target is down.

The only differences between a T5 and a T3 raid are the reward and the amount of people required.
The only way to fight boredom for any player is adding more types of content.
Hopefully, the quest system they’re working on is going to be good. (and hopefully, it’ll give players who can’t do T3/T4/T5 raids an opportunity to aquire the Pokemons of those).
I’m also sure some players will dive deep into the trading system that’s still in development, and become sort of a local trading hub for other players.
I’m sure some people will almost forget about capturing gyms when the PvP system gets added, and move their focus to that instead.

I have no idea what else Niantic has up its sleeve, but there’s definitely room for even more features. I’m hoping for a means for players to suggest new pokestops, for example, and Niantic does have experience with game-ifying such a feature from Ingress, but to also Pokefy it would require some more thought and a lot of polishing. (not the least because there are way more Pokemon players, and they wouldn’t want to get swamped with suggestions). I have a hunch that if they ever start on such a feature, they’d want to tie it into the quest system, which means quests would have to be added first.