Race to level 36


Here is the race to level 36.

Want to join?

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Race to level 35

There has to be some lv35 players in here


Lvl 35->36 will take some time to complete. So hope some will join.

My progress is not at a constant pace. Some months the progress stalls some. Weather and events are big factors. So others might catch up soon.


I will join a few weeks probably


im level 24 can i join will take some time but im willing to join the fun


you can also try the race to 34 or 35


Will check it out


Heh, @MrHeineken88 @UltraInstinct841


I got a 150k xp headstart


That’s only 7 T5 Raids on lucky Egg to quickly bridge that gap :grinning:


I’m on 250k or more. The weather is horrible here so growing isn’t going fast.


I am at 661,000 XP into lvl 35, more then a third of the way there to 36.


I am still 34


@MrHeineken88 how far you into level 35?




I am 4 xp in


over 500.000 now


How much now?
I am at 20k


Going good. Over 600.000 now. Hope I get some good raid possiblity like yesterday I got 3. :slight_smile:


850K in, got grounded by my parents (not to mention i missed Treecko CD) so sorry if I didnt open you gifts or didnt reply.