Quite disappointed with Shiny Regionals event


I’m currently on my last 7 km egg…


I hatched 14 Tauros, 11 Farfetch’d, 8 Kangaskhan, over 10 Mr. Mime (don’t know exactly, I transferred some), overall I hatched over 150 7km eggs and I didn’t get a shiny regional (or any other shiny, but I got a 100% IV Happiny). This event was a good idea, but it was poorly executed. We all did our best to unlock Ultra bonus, we waited the whole year for this event so we deserved better chances to get shiny regionals. Every player who hatched 100 eggs should have gotten at least 1 shiny regional, or after 10 hatched regional Pokemon of the same species the next egg should have been shiny. That way we would have been awarded for buying incubators. Other possibilities: Niantic should have removed some Pokemon from 7km eggs or should have increased shiny rate.


This is why I don’t buy incubators.


Got a Kanghastahn on my last 7 km egg. No Shinies


Munchlax is 5/9


2/8 Alolan Meowth
3/8 my first Togepi above 82% after I don’t know how many hatches😍

Edit: one of these two appeared to be from a 7km Egg I got after the Ultra Bonus event, so I’m on 2/8 right now.


3/8: Kangaskhan
4/8: Pichu


I can now honestly say that the ultra onus event, and the followed tourism event burned me out.

Hatched over 200 eggs, my GF over 150, 1 got 2 shinies, she got none, but at least she got 2 mimes in the wild.
i got 2 shiny mewtwo (out of 70+ raids), and lucky mirrortraded one of those and got a 12/12/12, worst you can get.
After hatching over 350 eggs together, we sorted them out, transfered to get a followup event where we needed those pokemon. Fail (learn to communicate Niantic and give us a warning!). Also, 10k km was just too much imo.
105 combined seviper quests, No F-ing shiny. just last night i heared the first player in our entire city that actually got one.
next we (still) got shiny Giratina. I’m still missing one after aprox 40 raids.
and to top it off, my GF caught a shiny oddish, shiny alolan geodude and shiny shadowball mewtwo this weekend while we weren’t even trying. So on top of all the fails, now i’m jealous 2…

I’m done for now.

Edit: i know some of these numbers are really good for some players. Many people got no shinies regionals, or mewtwo. But for the time and money invested in the last months these are really really crappy results for me.