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Hey guys,
I just wanna know everyone’s thoughts on this, but I can’t help but feel overwhelmed by the amount of Dragon and Psychic types Legendaries.
My favourite batch dates back when the Birds and Beasts were around, so we saw people using cool, different stuff like Feraligatr and Venusaur. With Dragon/Psychic types, all we see is “too meta relevant” pokes…teams os 20 people using 20 Tyranitars and Rayquazas.
They’re really unique pokes, but I sorta wished Game Freak had created more diversified Legendaries…we got only 2 Normal and maybe 2 Grass types. Maybe I’m just annoyed that with the Eon Duo I’ll spend 2 months seeing my Gengar and Dragonite everyday.

Anyway, I’m really looking foward to Gen V, with Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion. They will be really fun!


It’s convenient, so players need to focus their training on only a small subset of the entire Pokémon population. But, I also agree that it’s a shame, because many interesting Pokémon are left gathering dust.


Well then you’re going to be disappointed by the regi trio, you’ll be seeing only Machamps for a long time. It’s not really due to the typing of the legendaries, it’s the fact that some Pokémon are stronger than others and some types are better than others. That’s just part of the game, you can do your best to try using different Pokémon though. For example my two favorite Pokémon to use against Latios are my maxed out cacturne and umbreon, they’re pretty unique but also pretty good!


You… Maxed out… A Cacturne?
I can understand umbreon, maybe you accidentally evolved the Eevee during the night, but Cacturne? How much dust do you have?


A Cacturne? That’s awesome!
I got a lil Mawile running in the middle of my team. Also, I love my maxed out Glalie and Gardevoir…hope she gets a fast fairy move someday.

The Regi trio will be pretty lame too… 3 months looking at Machamps. I’ll definitely put my Charizard and Torkoal up top, except for Regirock.


Must admit, against Lugia, I had 2 parties prepared. The second party featured 5 Aerodactyls and 1 Gardevoir. :smiley:


@Necrozmadabest when I evolved my cacnea into a cacturn I didn’t have to power it up, it was already maxed out. And if you think that’s “bad” I have a maxed out pidgeot, raichu, slandslash, parasect, vaporeon, ariados, swellow and aipom.


@BadassFroslass that’s awesome! Been trying to get maxed out eevee evolutions, so far all I have is vaporeon. And maxed out cacturne is fun to use.


When you say Maxed Out, its maxed out to L40 or to your current level?
Hats off to anyone who Maxes out to L40 a strange or unusual.


Maxed out to level 40, I just hit level 38 so I can finally max everything to level 40


I got lucky, one of my very few high iv eevees was weatherboosted to level 35. Made it my first Espeon.


Nice! Espeon is on of my favorite Pokémon. Honestly can’t wait to add it to ridiculous list of my maxed out Pokémon.


Highest possible level is 40 (maxed out) but highest possible wild level is 35, it cant be maxed out right away


@Necrozmadabest Sorry, guess I should have clarified, I meant maxed out for my level, which I guess technically speaking isn’t truly maxed out


First of: dont fight legendarisch with 20 people at a time. Fewer people means more balls and more reward items.

And yeah theres alot of dragons lately. I dont mind it to much since i can catch up with stardust now. For the future i wouldnt mind seeing some different typings again tough.
The Dragon type fits the description tough. Dragons are stuff of legends.


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