[Quests] What is THIS?!


Never seen it before. Must have something to do with the Quests. Have you got it too? And what does it mean?


It means you already did the current quest
It will vanish once the stop gets a new quest, so at midnight


See it now


Where are you seeing that? I’m guessing it’s not in my area (around San Mateo, CA), where the half-dozen pokestops I visit most frequently seem to just generate the balls, berries, potions, etc. after I’ve done their task for the day. (They don’t tell me that they’re not giving a new task; they just don’t give another.)


How to obtain this
Step 1: Go to Pokestop and spin for a quest.
Step 2: Complete quest and claim reward.
Step 3: Return to same Pokestop as Step 1 and it will be there.


I’ve never noticed that icon before, but I know you can only get 1 research task from each pokestop per day.


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