Quest Helper [Tip and Tricks]


Drop advice and tricks and tips on quest.

Atm i have found out if your pokemon your throwing great throws at comes out it will still count so you can get multiples on one mon.

Use legendaries for Excellent throws.

Also you can have multiples of same quest.


If u have the Quest ‘Catch … Pokémon, you can see if you caught the Pokémon when you use the Catch Animation Skip bug.


Use weedle or magikarp for buddy quest their 1KM / Candy.


Or Aron.


Apparently you have to evolve a Magikarp in part 6 of the Mew quest so save your candies


Good thing i got 1000+ and also all the hard pokemon to evolve also Altaria and Swablu😅


Or Wailmer


For raiding 10 times.

Just let timer run out and rejoin 10 times. You only use 1 raid pass. Fight a low cp low tier raid.


You keen magikarp considering you have to evolve it as a later quest


Is it possible to leave the raid and wait in the ‘Lobby’ before the time runs out?


seems do able


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