Quest Encounter Switch?


So I was playing and completed the Quest ‘Spin 6 PokéStops you haven’t finished visited before, and the reward was an AERODACTYL?! I thought it was Ponyta.
I was guessing it was a switch because Ponyta is Fire (Moltres either) and Aerodactyl Flying (Zapdos either).

Didn’t even know 6 was an amount.

Do you know anything about this?

A screenshot to confirm it:


Spin 3 pokestops you havent visites before is ponyta.


I don’t think that makes sense. But I didn’t even know this Quest was in game (with 6).


I thought they added new quests when they switched over to Zapdos, so it could just be one of the new ones they added, same with the reward.


That was exactly why I made this topic (no hate):sweat_smile:


Completely understand! Didn’t mean to sound/come off as rude in my previous comment! Sorry if I did


You didn’t. You just gave your opinion, nothing wrong with that, is it? I even liked it👍🏻