I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been having the death loop problem quite often, with gyms going completely haywire.

The only solution I’ve found (and this is not a complete solution) is to deactivate GPS after starting a battle so I drift less. Still, sometimes it bugs out…


Do you mean the missing avatar when fighting ? I dont think this is related to GPS drifting. I think it is more related to data that resides ont he server vs data existing ont he phone and how fast the sync is performed between them.


I fight a gym and after go disappears I get kicked out with an error message. So upsetting.


GPS drifting is the reason. During the battle you drifted away from the GYM. Or this happened duing your last 5 minutes. Spin some pokestops


My boyfriend was battling at the same time as a different team could that be another reason??


Hm, not really, gyms support composite team battles


Thank you @apavlinovic


I know two folks that have LG phones and they deal with this far more than my sister and I (samsungs). Sometimes I get a little jealous because they drift a bit and are able to spin stops and catch pokemon as well as walk their eggs far more than myself! They just leave their game running when stopped and walk those eggs with no effort! LG seems to really have a wonky gps situation. I appreciate the tip to spin a stop. Going to suggest that to my LG buds. :smiley:


I have encountered the situation when every time I try and fight the gym it says error and kicks me out back to the normal screen (as if a Pokemon has run) this happened every single time at this one specific gym, there were some really low cp Pokemon on it but it never got taken as I assume this happened for everyone! This problem was recently fixed by niantic as the gym has now changed, but it made it impossible for anyone to battle and was very strange! I’ve only ever encountered one of these! Does anyone have any idea?


Same here. There was a gym that was unbeatable by several of us in our town. Also was fixed by Niantic.


I have found that this happenes most often when you have a poor data connection. There will be some gyms in a location where you receive poor data service from your provider making it appear to be an issue with that gym.


I found the same. Always happens at the same subset of gyms that have poor cell coverage. Annoying as heck, especially when its 49000/50000 and I can’t even get one battle in…