[Q&A] In what biome could I find [Pokemon]?


Since the game has started. I’ve never seen Grimer or Muk. For those that have caught, what biome did you catch it in?


Grimer and Muk are one of the rarest Pokémon in the game they are very difficult to find.


I’m not sure if there is any biome with Grimmer but I’ve always caught mine near the water in my town.


How many have you caught?! :scream:


I live in the middle of nowhere in western Kansas and I’m not even sure what “biome” I would be considered to live in. However, I found my first Grimer, after playing Pokemon Go literally everyday since it’s release, at a shopping center in town.


I see Grimer near my work, but rarely. I caught my first on a ferry route where I sometimes see rare mons. Work, the ferry (obviously) and most places I hunt regularly are near water.


I’ve only caught two and maybe hatched one…both were random, but I guess a water or grass biome. Walked a lot to get my muk


I live in a water biome and see them fairly often, I think they increased the spawn rate since the update.


Maybe this will help you?


I’ve hatched 3 Grimers from eggs and only caught 1 in the wild. Walked my Grimer 39.5 km to get her to evolve into a Muk. Very rare where I live.


I live on the Chesapeake bay in shady side md and play every day I see 1 Grimer a week mostly right on the water by the pier next to a big field with a little park and community center near by so for me they are super rare now I have made like 5 muk but only 1 with pj/Sw i made a mistake and evolved a few when u could only get lick as a fast move ! Most of my Grimers came from eggs I believe from events I hatched at least 6 within the Easter event time line my son still dosnt have a muk but he is close he dosnt play anymore but I play a little for him so he didn’t hatch many eggs like I did , but I’m sure he will get Pj/Gs for his move when I get him new rare mons they always for some reason get the best move set like his 2nd dragonite boom DT/OT I’ve made 7 dragonites now and have not 1 great moveset but db/dc have good move sets but never the best like him ! Dratini spawn quite a lot where I live 2 at a time in front of my house I did take screen shots of that !


I live in Charleston, SC and pretty much everywhere is a water / grass type biome. I’ve fond that Muk and Grimer are friends with Hypno and Drowzee. If I see a Drowzee I know that that area can spawn Grimers. For instance, I’ve only caught three Grimers in the wild and I’ve only ever caught them at the two places I know where Drowzee is likely to show up at night.

Anyone else see a correlation between Drowzee sightings and Grimer spawns?


My Muk

I actually have 2

And enough​ Candy’s to evolve again.
As you can see I walked my first and caught my second in the wild.