[Q&A] How many/which Shinies do you have?



To show you the power of flex tape…




Fine,I’ll stop.


I did a count and I have way more than I realised.
Total number of Shiny are 107.
48 different ones. Could increase that by evolving some to second and third stage by 12.


Nice everybody. :grin:


Reading this made me want to see when and where I got my shinies from. lol

Non CD/Events:

Aron (02/2018)
Pikachu w/Party Hat (02/2018)
Houndour (09/2018)
Squirtle (09/2018)
Magikarp (11/2018)
Drowzee (11/2018)
Eevee (11/2018)

Definite uptick in the number of shiny spawns for me! I caught my first two in February, then went seven MONTHS with none … but have caught 5 in the last two months. lol

Note: I counted Wingull and Pinisr as “event” Pokemon. :wink:


Catch a shiny Eevee today


Finally a shiny pikachu


A nice shiny Grimer right when I was about to put my phone away last night made up for a fairly lackluster (and very rainy) evening of play.


I think that would qualify as “an embarrassment of riches”, @Brobraam.:astonished:

(to which I’d like to add: “and congratulations for that impressive ‘embarrassment’…”)


Caught a shiny Omanyte, which is exactly 1000CP higher than my previous one.




Yes it surprises me


Evolve it to lord helix.(Omastar)


Yes I will evolve the higher CP one.
By the way, I caught a shiny Aerodactyl from research today.


:astonished: How many of those have you done?
I am 0/3


I think 3


I caught mine yesterday


@coolguy761, nice!


Caught a shiny Pikachu before lets go event ended.