[Q&A] How many/which Shinies do you have?



another one of Hades’ horses! (Reference to movie “Hercules” and series “Once upon a time”)


I so hope to find 2 of that beauty’s.


I don’t know which I want more: Shiny Growlithe or Shiny Ponyta. So far this week, I just got a Shiny Cubone and Pinsir.


My checklist now:

Blue: i have them in box
Green: i have them in pokedex
(I forgot to mark the cubone green)

The clean checklist for others:


I have a shiny Mightyena


I have one of each of them now.


Good to know.




I caught a wild shiny Growlith and Sunkern these couple days


Growlithe was the one you liked, congrats!


Thanks @Pokemon




Hey guys not sure if a thread like this has been made before or not so thought I would give it a shot. How’s everyones shiny collection looking? Here is mine:

Only been playing again since August and I know a lot of people have got way more so lets see some pics :smiling_imp:

Cheers for reading!


I want to see who has more shinies than I have. Must be a lot of people.


Nobody can trump me and my 8 Swablu and Altaria


according to my app i have 76 different shinies… Latest additions are shinx yesterday and a caterpie last weekend.


98 Total shinies
49 different shinies in box
59 shinies in dex


I probably have about 40, only 2 non-CD


Yeah this isn’t fair to the great @Kevin260709


“That’s a lot of shinies”

                   - Phil "Pokemon" Swift