[Q&A] How many/which Perfect Pokémon do you have?


That’s impressive. At least half of mine are from wild encounters, while roughly other half are from egg hatches and raids, mainly egg hatches. Field Research encounters make up only about 10% of my hundo encounters.


Yeah, I got most hundo Gastly from field research too.


Gastly is a funny one for me. I did a crazy amount of Field Research for Gastly, but it was an INCENSE SPAWN that finally brought the hundo to me.


I too did so many research tasks chasing Gastly for no joy. Within 2 weeks of catching a 100% in the Wild I got another from a research task :roll_eyes:


Forgot to share this one yesterday but I got another off-event Hundo, from an Egg hatch this time. :man_facepalming:


Incense Spawns during the Pokemon Hour! The Magnemite anyway.

The Exeggcute is a little more exciting for one reason. I have a hundo Alolan Exeggutor that I’ve had since 2018, and I now have a complete hundo set! I like having the sets. Magnemite is still very exciting though.

EDIT: Another Incense Spawn. Methinks my game wants to catch up with the hundos my hubby has and I didn’t initially. (He had the Magnemite and the Mareep LONG before I did. Electric-types loves him.)


It’s been a few days. New post:

The first baby hundo I’ve ever seen, and I was just casually walking along and there it was. The Cubone was a hatch, but I already have a hundo Marowak at like level 35, so eh…


Not sure either qualifies as a baby; but both are certainly hundos. Congratulations for the double hundo day!


The Murkrow is a level 1, and that’s what I was talking about. Sorry if I wasn’t clear on that.


Only my second one!

It took me longer to get this done, but I now have 105 unique hundos! New montage!


Now, I’m aware that the two Eevee aren’t unique hundos, technically, but once they’re evolved, they will be. One will be a Glaceon, and the other will be a Sylveon once it comes out, hence their names. I do have a Glacial Lure to use, but I haven’t gotten close enough to a stop to use it just yet. Also, while the two Exeggutor aren’t technically different species, I count regional variants as unique Pokemon due to their typing differences.


From the research :star_struck: :100:


Good kitty.


Happy Happiny :hugs:


Just finish updating my master Spread Sheet after after making changes to include costumes and different forms.
Total amount of 100%
214 - Different Types/Formes
300 - all up including same Type/Formes



EDIT: Discord peeps reported one, and it was just a block away from the apartment!



I have no idea who is running my Discord at this point, but dang, are they helpful. They let us know about this one! Caught as a Joltik obviously.


After a loooong time (Marill day), here’s another one and… It’s disappointing


Got a perfect set of regional bugs now!


Only took 1550 this time to get a second 100% from Trading.


I don’t have the Woobat anymore. Have this instead.