[Q&A] How many/which Perfect Pokémon do you have?


Getting a Ledyba 96% or greater has eluded me since introduction.
I only got one into the 90"s early this year and that was after around 450 caught.


I was literally thinking about this Johto Event for Week 1, thinking “will my next hundo be a Johto Pokemon?” AND GUESS WHAT?!?!


Yeah, my best was always a 93.3. Oddly enough, despite how weak it is, this is one that I REALLY wanted. :smiley:


And yet another purified Rattata that is perfect in its iv’s


Hatched from 10km egg :star_struck:


like this new appraisal thing…
only really good for when you are deleting pokemon and finding 100%s


Got this one in my office yesterday.


This one spawned at my school today


Yanmega is one of the 3 actual good Bug-types right now, so that’s a great find.



Two within five minutes of each other! I freaking gagged!

I have all of the Kanto fossils as hundos now, and my first hundo Dark-type since Crawdaunt, which came from evolving a hundo Corphish I hatched 18 months ago!


This merits a double-post:

I hatched this on the way back to work, not even 24 hours after the last hundo hatch! That’s the first time I’ve hatched two hundos so close together! Any other time I’ve caught more than one hundo in a single 24-hour span was a mix of wild catches, hatches, Raids or Field Research encounters.

And that makes 72 hundos, so it’s time for another set of screenshots of my collection!


Some fun facts about this collection:

  • Water-types continue to dominate the list, with 17 total Water-types. Normal and Ground are tied for second at 12 each. Fairy is still the least represented with only 1 Fairy type, so can you blame me for wanting that Eevee to be a Sylveon?
  • By region, Kanto is the clear winner with 26 represented Pokemon on this list! Disregarding Melmetal as the Alola region isn’t fairly represented here, the least represented region is Sinnoh with only 9. That more or less seems logical, but only a short time ago, Johto was the least represented. Johto rebounded recently by quite a bit.

I’ll post screenshots of my collection again when I hit 84 unique hundos! Will Unova have some representation by then? Who knows?


Messed up and evolved my Hundo flower crown Eevee into a leafeon, but can’t complain


It’s kind of fitting for a Flower-Crown Eevee to be a Leafeon, strangely enough. :stuck_out_tongue:


True, but I forgot that I already had a flower crown leafeon


I somehow got a 100 armored mewtwo and 100 dragonite


Yesterday I got a random hundo combee and got a marokwak from a raid. Today I hatched a perfect mantyke :heart_eyes:


Female Combee?


Didn’t feel like going out last night but Mrs Kanga basically dragged me out for her Friday routine Gym work over 40min from home.
The trip and was made worth while.


Couple o’ new hundo-lucksters from trading with Mrs c. this evening… :grinning: