[Q&A] How many/which Perfect Pokémon do you have?


Same here, I always get the least amount of water starters candy and their good IV versions among all starters prior to their CD


I cannot for the life of me get a Chimchar over 84.4%. :frowning:


I couldn’t either until Friday night.


Save it for Community Day. I’m calling its appearance for November 2019. It shouldn’t do bad with Blast Burn.


I will be. No starters get evolved before CD’s now.


Speaking of starters…

I caught the Lanturn as a Chinchou, but neglected to take a screenshot while it was still a Chinchou. Pretty excited I caught more hundos. I started a new job recently, one that was more work intensive and I thought I might not get any more hundos for a while.


3 Rayquaza


Thank you @Mew1! I believe this was from your Egg.


100% Whale Fat


@Jormdeworm, you are welcome, I’m not sure if it’s from me tho


Hell yea @Mediocre_Melvin that a big boy
100% body fat lol


Picked this Ferret up on the way to work.


Technically a raccoon–if the name is any indication–but yeah. Nice find! I’m still missing a hundo Zigzagoon family, and that’s all I’m missing from the token Rattata of the generation so far. XD


This was 13/15/13 as a shadow


75 hundos…way too many to post…


Purifying bumped it from 95.6 to …




Just take screenshots of the pages with the 4* filter. You have enough to do 7 total, although you could do 6 and then three individual shots.