[Q&A] How many/which Perfect Pokémon do you have?


Seedot has never made an appearance in the 10 km egg group, so as the current patterns show, it may not qualify.

With the current and past egg charts in mind, there are these following strong possibilities:

  • Ralts (likely with another PvP Sinnoh Stone promo)
  • Trapinch (while in a 5 km egg currently, Mareep and Eevee were both in 10 km eggs at one point, and Eevee was demoted to 5 km eggs before its CD)
  • Porygon (Can’t dismiss this one yet, despite it’s relative uselessness)
  • Gible (Obviously this is going to have a CD at some point)

Now, it is possible that we could see something else since Swinub was chosen, and that’s a 2 km egg hatch.


Not long after I got the Shiny Dark Dog on the Go Plus I got this hanging around a Pokestop.


My first 100% IV (before the recent update).


I’ve been “looking”* for this hundo for a LONG time. I’ve had my 98% since November 2017.

*=“looking” as in catching/hatching and IV-checking every single one of them I came across.


That’s a good 1


Discord came up the goods last night in the area I was doing Gyms.

Didn’t get the screen shot of Magnemite before I took advantage of a Lure.

This next one is totally weird. It went up as a Nidoran. We get to the spot and the Wife has the Nidoran and in exactly the same spot I have the Oddish. One of the Kids accts has the Oddish also and the other one had to have the game shut down a restarted due to freeze. On restart it has the Nidoran. All were 100%

Lucky last.


Got a lucky 100% Miltank


Ton-up luckster of the hatted-‘chu variety…


Kanto has been WAY too nice to me lately. I have 21 perfects from Kanto alone. Only other generation even close to that is Hoenn, from which I have 19 hundos.


I just got this from special research!


What should this be called? Hundo? Shundo? Or Shando?


A hundo WITHOUT purification. That’s interesting.

Shadundo? We’re running out of things to call it.


Eek! Just got this in Field Research! This is my 60th hundo!

Incidentally, I have the same amount of Normal-type hundos as I do Ground-type hundos now (11), which makes Ground and Normal representation tied for second (Water is first with 13).

Also, July 2019 has been my most successful month officially for finding hundos, with 8 found in a single month. This surpasses March 2018 for being the most successful, which had 7. I didn’t think that record would ever be broken.

Decided to be rid of the list and simply post the 4*-filtered dex when I reach multiples of 12. As you can see, they are in order of Pokedex Entry.



I got another perfect Barboach!


Just need a hundo Zigzagoon to complete the set of the token Normal-type “rodent” of each generation, until Gen 5 drops of course.



The formula for predicting its evolved form is based on which attribute is strongest, so which one prevails when all three are equal? I know perfect Hitmonlee exists from catching one a couple of years ago… Is it possible to have a perfect Hitmonchan or Hitmontop?


When 2 or 3 attributes are equal, the evolution outcome is random @vorgriff3.


Sigh; I’d read that a dozen times over the years (every time I got a Tyrogue and wanted to recall for certain what the predictive rules were). Thanks for reminding me yet again.


Got some new ones thanks to Discord Friday night. Female Snorut from Quest.

Happy to get the Chimchar. Just need the elusive Piplup now to have a 100% of all Gen Starters again. The Water ones have always been the last one to get every time.