[Q&A] How many/which Perfect Pokémon do you have?


Makes sense. I have a low cp tyranitar for the longest and was gonna throw it away but decided to just keep it.


I have more 98s and 96s than 100s…like a LOT more


What’s the multiplier from Rhydon to Rhyperior?


What do you mean?


CP wise, a certain CP Rhydon would become what CP Rhyperior?


Well my Cp2970 Rhydon went to Cp3360 Rhyperior. It was 100%

Never powered it up as Rhydon or Rhyperior


Im up to 60 now. 11 duplicates though.
About 15 of them actually usefull counters.


Powering up this? Dont want to judge or anything but…


1.4 or something like that.
Tyranitar is just like a big Rhydon with like 15 more attack and 10 more hp and defense


No, the point is I only had 6 candy :wink:


Just a Stantler and a Victreebel.


So do I. I can’t even begin to count how many I have, but they’re still quite useful.


Please tell me you got the 100% Beldum AFTER Community Day…


I did, why? I barely played that community day.


For the cool factor I would.
Sadly no 7k eggs for me so won’t be faced with the choice. I think I would Max one out for cool factor.


I’ve started work on it. While I have the Dust and Candy to do in one hit I like to take my time and do a little bit at a time so it doesn’t feel like it was such a dumb idea.


Because if you got it BEFORE Community Day, I would have wailed at the missed chance of getting a perfect Beldum and not getting Meteor Mash on it. Since it was after, it was out of your control and I can congratulate you for the 100% without that looming over it. So, congrats on the perfect Beldum!


Ooh, like milestones!


Yey, just got another, wild catch. This will be a fine sylveon one day :slight_smile:


Yay! Caught this one five seconds ago

I and a friend were playing Pokemon go, and we both soloed this jolteon raid. We finished it, and we both threw 5 balls with pinap and did not capture it.
Then my friend asked how high my cp was. Mine turned out to be 65 cp higher so I thought mine would be really good. Started throwing golden razz and hitting it the jolteon with balls

Then I captured it with 4 balls left

Turned out to be 100% iv :tada: