[Q&A] How many/which 100% IV Pokémon do you have?


Oh, I believe you have them all, the problem (for me) is if you have catched them all in the permitted way by the rules of the game…


Tengo 2 : Zapdos y pikachu no soy fly ni nada y juego desde que salio el juego el año pasado.


If using a scanner App called Poke Live is against the rules than no.

Imagine 3-4 cars with 3-4 per car all using the same iOS App or Andriod equivalent App scanning a wide radius networked through Telegram App and it was not hard to get 3-4 100%er every night when we hunted as a pack.
Combine that with a heap of lucky finds on the Go Plus and it all adds up.


I don’t know the real probability to catch one. But let us imagine a number… maybe you have a chance of 1 in every 1000 catches… I have catched since february 4300… in my original account (lost in february) another 3000, and today I have 3 100%.
I’m an average player, there are others who have catched more, I’m shure. But you have to be near to 100.000 catches, because you not only have them from the frecuent species but of others as well…
I’m not a judge, but please, don’t provoke me. I don’t like to feel as a bad player, and I don’t like when people take me as a silly person.

And yes, Poke Live is a Tracker, and I think
it’s not an App permitted by Niantic.


Cita de la página de www.readwriteweb.es

El CEO de Niantic comentó hace unos días que no le gustaban este tipo de aplicaciones que ayudaban a los jugadores a detectar la ubicación de los pokémons y buena prueba de ello es que PokéVision ha dejado de funcionar.

Con estos antecedentes parece estar claro que todas las aplicaciones de este tipo van a seguir el mismo camino en los próximos días y Poke LIVE no se ha librado. La aplicación únicamente estaba disponible para descargar en la Google Play Store, pero si la buscáis podréis comprobar que ya no se encuentra disponible.

Se trata por tanto de una herramienta más que ha pasado a la lista negra de Niantic por permitir hacer trampas a los jugadores y parece que no va a ser la última.

Quote from the page of www.readwriteweb.es

The CEO of Niantic commented a few days ago that he did not like this type of applications that helped players to detect the location of Pokemon and good proof of it is that PokéVision has stopped working.

With this background it seems clear that all applications of this type will follow the same path in the coming days and Poke LIVE has not been spared. The app was only available for download in the Google Play Store, but if you look for it you can check that it is no longer available.

It is therefore one more tool that has been blacklisted by Niantic for allowing to cheat the players and it seems that it will not be the last.


Oh, I’ve found in Reddit a page which says the probability is 1 of 4000 to find a 100%, jiji, so maybe you have had catched about 400.000 mon’s?

Last comment: Don’t worry @NotanotherKangaskhan , I have no problem with scanners or spoofers or whatever they are… The only thing I don’t like is when they have influence in my playing. Don’t tell it around, don’t attack my typical Gym without being around, don’t public results imposible for any NORMAL player… and be happy


Same here, I got a 100% Igglybuff at 291 CP, when I evolved to Jigglypuff and then Wigglytuff I got the best moveset somehow.


I like how you put them in order of order in the Pokédex.


Only a Kindra lol
Also with bilzzard


Same here, just checked them all and a couple were just below 100. I probably threw some away early on not knowing any better!!! Level 31 and still figuring things out.


I’ve been playing since the beginning, I’ve caught nearly 20,000 Pokémon and have made it to level37. I have just caught my first 100% IV. A 664 CP eevee. It was about a block from where I work and I was walking during lunch.

No idea what I will use it for, but I’m glad to have it. I feel like Espeon is the most useful eeveelution, but I’ve also been waiting for a good IV to turn into my second umbreon.


I have been playing since day 1 and I have NEVER gotten a 100% IV Pokemon. RIP me.


20 for me with the most recent being the Kangaskhan caught by my Go Plus today while doing Raikou raids (was 34CP when caught)… @Eastwood303 looks like we have a similar naming schema.


Been on a roll this week I added quite a few 100% from 2k and 5k eggs mareep , houndor, another female oddish sandslash wild sudowodo geodude I couldn’t believe my egg luck but I did hatch like 50 eggs during event !!


That’s a great ratio.
I would have hatched between 30-40 and got 1 Mankey :frowning:which is not much use as I have 2 of those already.


I have a 100% persian from halloween event
I got a 100% xatu as my first level 33 capture lol
I got a jolteon from a raid and a drowzee in the same day
I hatched a mankey yesterday
These are mine


Maybe one day has arrived yayayayayayay

Caught = 8025 / Hatched = 428 / 100% = 1 :grin:


What a nice fish…
You will see, from now on there will start a homerun.


So far I got nothing very useful with 100% IVs besides a magicarp one time:


At least I’m set for whenever Gen4 comes out: