[Q&A] How many/which 100% IV Pokémon do you have?




latest update.


I think the most common 100% Pokemon I’ve seen with people are the nidorans.


Traded. Non-lucky but iv shot all the way up!


Wow. Lucky! (Or not :joy:)


I hatched a 100% Treecko today, can’t wait for TREECKO AND MUDKIP DAY!


Its not the only one, two 100% karp became…um 100% karps! :joy:


Added another Growlithe to the 100% Collection.
Just finished a Cat Raid and was revising the Wife and kids accounts so caught all the spawns around the Gym. Bang 100% Dog.


Just want to see how common this really is. Here’s what I have so far :slight_smile:



Curious to see what everyone else has… Post away folks!

I used Calcy IV to assess above IVs. If anyone knows of a better app than this, do tell! Happy hunting:)

Max IV!? Let's go

congrats with your 100ivs!


Just in


NICEEE!!!..looks like the best moveset for mewtwo as well


Which one?


The marowak has a double ghost moveset…perfect for fighting m2


Weeeell yeah I guess :sweat_smile:


Apparently people say this these days. Can someone explain why and when this is said and what it means?


Its just “well”, but more like “you arent right but I dont want to say it outright”


Even in foggy weather its not in the top 25 counters… Just cause it has a super effective moveset doesnt mean that its actually usefull.


Its for bragging rights, it dosent have to be useful! LOL!


Shadow bone’s coming out, maybe you can change it to that!