[Q&A] How many/which 100% IV Pokémon do you have?


You arent going to use that, right?


I’ll call and raise you Mewtwo, HoOh, Rayquaza and Kyogre


Unlikely to be part of a regular main battle squad but would like to Power it up to L40 max at some point.


You have those 100%? Well my only 100% legendary is L40 rayquaza, but I also have 98 M2, zapdos, articuno, lugia. 2× 96 groudon, 2× 96 ho-oh :innocent:


Yup, albeit in different accounts. Been playing for my kids too. A bit too much to do, i need a vacation! LOL!


That doesnt really count then, does it? I have a friend that has 2× 100% zapdos, one of them is shiny and Ive done raid for him while he was in a shop, never claimed it was mine though :rofl:
Edit. But since you said its kids’ accounts I’ll give you that. Otherwise multiaccounting is a cancer for community


Btw Im not sure why no one yet corrected you on that one but its not how it works, you cannot trade or give away 100% pokemon. I mean you can but its IV will reroll anyway and theres very slim chance it will stay 100%


Many other things are to different people; driving to catch or raid for instance. Carbon footprints all over and all day, but we’ll leave that topic for another day.

We all have different kicks.


I agree, but you gotta try. Theres a chance of a lucky, but then again the chances are slim.


What I meant is not everyone can keep up their multi accounting and most of the time end up with 3-4 low L30s instead of building one but proper. But as you said we can leave it to another day/discussion :v:


Someone in one of the Pokemon go communities got this one

“Wow mijn eerste 100%”
“Wow my first 100%”


I only have 1 100% IV Pokemon that I know of. Got him on 2nd special research reward. So as soon as I evolved him tonight, I went ahead and maxed him out.


Mawile and Absol are bumming me out! Released the longest but still cant get them perfect ones. Plenty of 98% though! Some shinies too but never seen 100%!


Gonna make do with my perfect Eevee army for now. Ready for all future generations and some! Hehe!


Got this one hour ago on the way to school


Only 2. I am team mystic, so I am glad i got that 100% articuno. That 100% rattata on the other hand… :smiley:


Top percentage. Joey would be proud


Dont ignore 2km eggs. Been caught up with Alolan eggs, this accidental one turned up ok.


Just got this hundo😁
I’m hoping for a Gastly CD now.