[Q&A] How many/which 100% IV Pokémon do you have?


Trackers and Maps are the most likely way to get large numbers of 100%ers.
The other ways are lots of luck from Wild catches, Raids and Lucky Eggs and social media networking where someone in your playing group has found one.


:open_mouth: metagross gains 52 per power up !

(3507-3377 = 26)
X2 for below lv30 = 52


the pichu is insane
Btw to clarify these are my 100%s


Many of these were caught wild or hatched, but yes when the trackers were up they were utilized as well


Well i have as rural big problems with:
No trackers available in middle of nowhere
Common spawns
Almost no coins
I need to travel 20 km for any chances on legends
And even more…


I live in a town with fewer than 2,500 people and at least 5 of these were caught wild here (without the scanner)… there are good rural spawns but perfects are rare anywhere. I’ve also caught over 37,000 mons… the volume doesn’t hurt either but just being rural doesn’t mean you can’t catch good ones, even perfects! Chin up


When I go to visit my parents everything is rural. I have caught multiple high IV mons and lots of good spawns including Nidoqueen and Nidoking, 2x Golem, 3x Arcanine, Grandbull, Miltank (with good IVs), Raichu, Sandslash, and 3X Rydon and at least 6 Rapidash. There was also a Snorlax and a Chancy that must have despawned before I could find it.

This is over th course of 4-5 hours of total combined play since the games release and all in communities of 600-2500.

Good rural catches do exists.


I live in a town with 6 players…
Im the best of all and the only serious player. Others fight with Aggrons and stuff


The number of players would affect raids, but not spawns number or quality. I have at least 4 98% Pokemon from my rural play including a Dragonite I hatched from an egg

Also to get us back on track here is my strongest 9


Puahhh, how would I like to be able to publicate something comparable…

I have now 50 mons with 98% and some 8 with 100, but only 4 of them are above the 3000…
For me the real problem is to convert them in something special.


I only have like 15 spawns in my area


Now the shiny


Finally made it to get my first Flygon after 3 Trapinch hatches


Gastly from quest make 3 greats


Wow, you remember all the history


I remember all mine too lol:
Persian - caught meowth at my local park at the start of the halloween event 2016
Xatu - caught natu at the same location, my first capture after hitting level 34
Jolteon - Jolteon raid at a nearby gym.
Hypno - later the same day as jolteon, an egg which hatched as I entered my local park (the same location as the first two… lol
Primeape - can’t remember where, but it was from an egg
Nosepass - outside my front door; an egg
Crawdaunt - Corphish out of an egg, somewhere in Berlin
Shiny Pichu - in my gran’s house lol


I have 15 (lvl 31 btw)

  1. Tyranitar
  2. Tyranitar
  3. Tyranitar
  4. Dragonite
  5. Dragonite
  6. Machamp
  7. Machamp
  8. Milotic
  9. Gyarados
  10. Gyarados
    I also have 4 other that arent worth mentioning…like 2 natu and a zubat and a pidgey


Thanks to the current event, I can add 2 more

  1. Omastar
  2. Golem


party hard


I caught a 100 IV squirtle today…only 84cp but I’ll keep him for the squirtle community day…maybe they’ll give it a cool move or something