[Q&A] How many/which 100% IV Pokémon do you have?


34 with Groudon as the newest addition. Very happy with that :smiley:


I have got 6, but five of them are basically useless.


I’ve catched my fourth 100%… a Natu. :roll_eyes:

Not very usefull, but 100 is 100.


6 maxed out Xatus have can down Machamp. They can be useful :+1:



Someone had way to much surplus Dust to make a Maxed out Xatu army.
I give then 10/10 for novelty.


I have three at the moment, my NidoranM maxed out CP for my level.


Happy to have caught (and evolved) a 100% iv poochyena, magikarp, another Bulbasaur, and have caught (but Not evolved) a 100% iv swablu


I decided a few days ago that I want to quit using trackers to catch Pokémon, so yesterday I transferred 36 perfect Pokémon. These are all that remain as they were from raids, hatches or random encounters.


Thats not really a hard choice since trackers dont work at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:
But transfering those 36 shows youre genuine about it. Nice.


Houndour and caturne







Dont have any 100&s


Just sat next to my dad, finding a 100% latias…

But, kind of fortunate enough, I managed to catch this one:


Venasor. THe other day my brother caught a numel an outmoded it in a gym. HE DID nOT CHECK THE STATS and I did and found it’s a 100 iv numel. He also has 2 100iv maxed out golems


Dont even have one