PvP: Useful Tactics That Can Determine Victory!



I thought of another way to waste your opponents shields: use your attack when your opponent is on low HP then since they don’t want their Pokemon to faint they’ll probably use a shield


In my opinion the double charged moves aren’t so good especially because you lose one in gyms and raids also I would never transfer a legendary


Or they just let it slide since the Mon will die anyway


Sometimes shields are not neeeddd at all. If u think u can tank it go for it.


As for now,my tactics are go full tyranitar team and if U see that in a few matches the peraon used same mons that were recomended for them change ur team with counters for them.Leave the first same and when they pull out the pokemon u pull out the counter.Also my experience with Blissey(2100 was 2500 something before the nerf) is that is sucks,I won just barrely and it was because other persons phone was lagging.Use shield if u have a charged move ready and your mon will die if u don t use it,when the pokemon is super effective against you and if u have them to spare at the end.:wink:


Thats honestly so dumb how you lose one…also kind of good that it doesnt auto-limit you to one move


You don’t want any of my tactics. I’ve lost like last 8 matches.


I lost more


I’m talking about in 1 day.




That’s pretty much what I do. lol


I already have 2 losses today. But at least I got a stone!


in 1 day I will lose at least 4 times


I’ve lost 7 more times since last post and won about 5.


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