Pvp release date



tomorrow it sems, everything here usually comes around 4:00pm but its 5:00pm


Tommorow it is


If it doesn’t come tomorrow Niantic isn’t great

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Based on below you’ve got 2 more days to wait.
Apple Update only released overnight for me.
The next Ex Raid should really have gone to a Saturday after tomorrow will be 3 weeks of Friday Ex Raids (turn back 1 day for other Time Zones).
My guess is they’ve made it a Friday again as the planed start of your PvP will be the day after the Ex Raid.
I can’t see them having both Ex Raids and PvP live at the same time. Imagine the mess the game would be in, oh my.


Loading screen too.


Cool :joy:


Who spray painted graffiti all over your screen?


Replaced Suicune with higher cp Raticate, quick attack, dig, hyper beam. (I bet you are screaming about the Raticate)


PvP is live. Discussion can move to a new thread