PVP IN ACTION (spoiler)



Hope you like it!


Who has watched this??


I have seen, and can only wait to try it out.


I liked it, thanks for posting.


Thank you


This means globally?
Nice battle


Got it to work the third try. Needs some refinement (and instructions), but pretty good for the first rollout.


How do you challenge team leaders?


Look at the Pokemon in your area, click “Battle”, click on their pic.


Globally, yes, I can battle @beales.com who is quite literally on the other side of the world from me.
Same with @coolguy761.


Started at like 10 pm for me. Of course I stayed up until like 1:30 doing battles


Now they just need a chat system like messenger so we can actually talk to people across the world. Would be nice to set up a battle.


No reason to do that, would apply even more pressure on the servers with minimal outcome
Better leave it as it is and chat through other apps


Either way I would love for it to come true. Maybe in the future…


I would like it to give you a notification when someone challenges you that’s how it pops up on the top of your phone when you’re logged out the game a friend sent you a gift in Pokemon you could say a friend has challenged you in Pokemon


Yeah that’s what I said to @Mew1


But right now the notification is only be viewable when you are playing.

Another way to do it is by showing who is online / playing the game on the friend list.


That’s a good idea


It’s almost not even fun to train anymore. Only Instinct Spark was able to defeat my first monster. The other 2 couldn’t beat him.


What League are you training in