PvP Glitch


So recently player vs player battles were officially implemented into Pokemon Go. And from my experience they can be justified as a bit underwhelming. Sure there are some positive aspects regarding this long awaited feature such as training with team leaders aswell as the protect shield, however the negatives that balance them out are factors such as excruciatingly long wait times, a plethora of stardust and candy to spend just as a means of activating a second charge move, and the player vs player battles themselves. Now just as a disclaimer, these are all factors that are displayed from my end, so either I’m just the most unlucky person in the world or PvP is just that excessively underwhelming, but I digress. So anyways a few hours ago, I was attempting to battle one of my Ultra friends in Pokemon Go, which was inconvenient to say the least. But after many attempts we were finally capable of battling one another, however because of circumstances I am still unaware of, I could not attack, switch into other Pokemon nor even exit the battle. So is anyone else experiencing anything similar to me and if so is anyone aware of a solutions to this?


Theyve spent 2 years developing this and it ends up like that…
Makes you wonder if we will ever get a better company to run this game
Ive seen somebody here having the same problem, did it happen consecutively?


I’ve now had 11 battles and this has happened twice. Once to me, and once to a friend that I was fighting. Definitely disheartening when you’re hyped for a battle and either you or your opponent is just standing there getting rolled and there is nothing you can do about it.


Niantic said they are fixing this.


Sounds like what I ran into from the other end, the second day I used it. The friend who challenged me didn’t seem to fight back. It happened a second time, at which point I turned down his next challenge. It just didn’t feel sporting to beat up somebody who wasn’t fighting back.

Considering how I got screwed out of a Shinx after winning a raid on Tuesday (due to network timeout after only the first of 12 balls), and how often the ‘spinning disk of death’ (network-wait screen icon) shows up in many locations to the extent that gym battles are iffy and raids are unlikely, the matter of finessing network errors is clearly a recurring headache for the game’s developers…


I’ve had a lot of trouble with PvP to begin with. My first 5 battles I couldn’t attack or defend. All I could do is watch my Pokemon get smashed without reply. That has finally changed now though and I can actually battle properly. Turns out ‘Automatic update of time and date’ was turned off in my phone’s settings. As soon as I enabled this I could battle properly.


Set my phone time to automatic. Been battling properly for the past 3 days, and now I got the same bug again. My pokemon starts with less health and my opponent ready to fire a charge move.


I’m noticing frequently that when a charged attack is about to be launched the opponent’s shields often take 3 or 4 taps just to come up at all. The purple-honeycomb shaped shield ‘button’ will not react the first couple of times I hit it, and then only finally raise shields just before the attack comes in.

Since its biggest negative effect happens when one person tries to manage both attacker and defender, I doubt there will be any motivation to fix it. In that context, Niantic might even consider it to be a feature instead of a bug…


I have noticed not all taps get registered when you are charging up your move.

Why do we even need to charge a charge move? Just have the 3 seconds to decide to defend or not. There is a big…HUGE difference if you register all your taps and if you do not.