Psystrike Mewtwo



How will this determine the fate of Ex raids?

Will deoxy stay and bring new forms or will the King of Ex raids return with a new devastating move “Psystrike”

Discuss the future of Ex Raid here.

Will we have 2 Different pokemon for ex raid at the same time?( might cause alot of confusion)

:smiling_imp:Also did you forget we have not yet recieved Shiny Mewtwo.


From this topic Mewtwo should be returning. So what does this hold for Deoxy.


Ugh that’s frickin annoying.


Alot of decisions for Niantic to decide for the future of Ex Raids.

  • Mewtwo returns with Psystrike and Shiny
  • Deoxy stays( Longer than 1 month)
  • Next form of Deoxy
  • No clue!! Niantic is unpredictable!!

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idk what Niantic will do they are screwing with us but we do know psytrike can come out along with Shiny Mewtwo


Time for gym rework to give us twice as many gyms per cell and give us access to twice as many raids in an area than currently possible giving us access to a wider range of simultaneous bosses at any time.


Or allow us to obtain more than 1 Ex pass per cell per week.


Psystrike isnt that good so I wouldnt mind it


My guess is MewTwo will return in the 3hr block Raids on a weekend with Psystrike Move and possible Shinny.
Not sure it will be this year though. They might keep that in reserve when things are starting decline. What better way to give the game a boost than Shiny MewTwo.


I think Mewtwo will be in the Breaktrough Box soon.


blasphemy, but makes sense.


We won’t see MewTwo until next summer is my prediction. Other legendaries will be making a comeback.


They will buff it


Did they buff Psycho Boost?


Did they? :thinking:


They didnt, which is why I doubt Psystrike will get a buff


so no devastating signature mewtwo move, but a weak nerfed one :man_facepalming:t4: