Psychic Event Sucks... What's your opinion?


Haven´t got luck finding Ralts or Kirlia. Drowzee, Abra and the Spoink are spawning everywhere. This morning a local park had 11 (ELEVEN) Zangoose. Must have been some gathering since the other pokemon that was spying on them was a Teddyursa. :hugs:


Did you have piece down for that??? Thats a good 2k(ish) dust right there


dang…you should protest that. to me, nothing is wrong with testing/playing games at lunch. Plus i go to a Catholic school, so all of the statues and other religious things on campus are pretty much all stops(15+)…that makes for pretty awesome CD’s


imagine catching a 100% IV male weather boosted kirlia…heck yea


Not weather boosted but thats exactly what happened earlier this week!


No way , WOW


Yeah, mainly the gen 1 psychic type spawns a lot.


Wow, nice :heart_eyes:


I’ve been chasing the 100% in one of these too and having just as much success as I am with the Cat :disappointed:


Fortunately for me we have a pretty good community in the CBD here who post these things. Was posted in one of the chats I have on mute but another friend from my local crew saw it & @‘d me. Got it with about 3-4mins to spare!


How many Killa Raids do you think you’ve done all up?


Nil :joy:
Literally NIL :metal:t3::laughing::metal:t3:
That bad bwoi was a wild spawn about 4 mins walk from my work.


sorry to be so blunt but what math school did you go to?

300 dust for an evolved pokemon, 25% weatherboost-boost, 50% starpiece-boost = best case scenario 1125 dust.

2 random spawned evolved pokemon is not worth a starpiece. Heck, if you’d really do the math, you’d never use a starpiece just when catching pokemon except during the stardust CD or in combination with something big like hatching 8-9 eggs or research breakthrough / 7 day catch (my GF has them on the same day, the lucky $%^&*)


I need to catch one more Ralts to have enough candy for Gallade. When the event started, I had about 2 candies. So event is going pretty good for me.


I’ve been disappointed in the lack of Ralts I’ve found.
Its a good thing I’m not desperately needing the Candy.
I was stupidly hoping to pick up a female better than the 93% 15 attack I have already.
I’ve already got a 100% Male I’ve been hanging on to since near the start of Gen 3 released


I’m all good for Gallade now.


Pretty sure I said ‘ish’…also its not like I have all these numbers just on the top of my head


It is the worst event they have ever had and that says something because I’ve loved them all. This one was filler. I haven’t even seen 10 ralts yet. What kind of crap is that?!


I’ve seen a couple Ralts each day since event started. Not a lot but way more than usual. Pinaped all of them. Now have enough candy for Gallade. The only thing I haven’t seen yet is Lunatone which is supposed to be Psychic Rock type.


I have seen every Psychic type Pokémon available (in my area) except for Unown and a few evolved Psychic ‘Mons.