Psychic Event Sucks... What's your opinion?


I think it’s really annoying. What do you think?


Why? Good chance to get a decent Alakazam. Also been farming Ralts candy.


It’s just another event that gives extra spawns to help farm and Candy and Dust.
Pity I haven’t seen more Ralts than I have.


I’ve caught more psychic types than I can handle. It was cool for a day, but they’re just taking up space at this point. More trainers don’t need candies and they’re starting to push away the other spawns. I don’t know though, it’s just a little annoying to me.


only problem i have with this event is that the special quests are really meh.
1000 dust for 10 catches is awesome but that is really it. Jinx quest? Bleh and the 3rd i can’t even remember right now.

I still hunt for the special october quest rewarding krabby and dratini. Much more worth it.

edit: had to look it up: third quest is for girafarig. so only the 1k dust quest is nice, the rest is utter thrash.


The quests aren’t bad.

And I caught a pokemon I really needed: Lickytung.


Whats the problem?Better a event then no event…


Totally agree with you


i wish there were still pikachus spawning


Just that it is shiny drowsee…
I want shiny abrakadabraalakazam


Decent event, but it doesnt help too much


It’s okay


I insenced one during my lunch period today at school​:joy::joy:


Lucky luke, we can’t go on phone at school :joy:.

Only before and after


It is good to have event than no event, but due to this event, the number of Spinda quest/caught this month will be less than last month.


I love it. Two wild Exeggutor in a row!


True, however I wish I could say that this psychic event is original but in reallity 11 participants of this event belongs to Kanto and we just had Kanto event right after we had Kanto event… :sweat_smile:


I wouldn’t say it sucks, but it’s not one of those big events everyone is looking forward (like Halloween…).
It’s ok to bridge the time gap util the Halloween event, and there’s a new shiny (I’d have preferred Abra, too, but maybe there will be a community day some time next year?), also there’s increased Natu and Meditite spawns, so better shiny chances on these, too. But it doesn’t make me want to play more than usual.

And since Gen4 will be coming in the near future, they will save their double xp/double candy/more stardust bonusses for the big gen4 event, I guess.


I’ve caught 3 and seen a total of about 10 of those plus all were terrible iv compared to what I have… 100 percent iv


May not be the best event for some trainers but for those newly back to the game or just picking this game up it gives the chance to;
a) Move toward a gold Psychic badge,
b) finish off their Gen I dex
c) catch a few good IV Psychic types
d) build candy for any Psychic types they want to focus on
e) build up candy for evolutions sprees
f) catch a good IV male Ralts / Kirlia for Gen IV
g) build extra XP outside of Mewtwo raids & general raiding to level up
h) stack that stardust
i) shinies, Shinies, SHINIES!!!
And that’s just what I can think of at the moment. Not bad I reckon.
And yes most of that will also apply to those who have played a while also.