Psychic Event Discussion!


What are your thoughts? Post all the pokemon you catch here!


I don’t see that many psychic types, so it’s pretty good for me


Ralts lover @kevin_v_Hoften will like this


Hopefully I can give my Ralts Candy a big boost.
I have a 100% Male i’m saving for Gen 4. I still haven’t evolved a Gardivor yet as I’ve been holding out for something better than the 93% I have.
Raiding Kirlia’s has been a fail as I keep getting 82-89% ones. Bit like my luck with MewTwo :roll_eyes:


Good luck this event, hopefully there is good quests and Ralts will be common.


Be farming Ralts for Gallade.


Pokemon to catch:


I have 9 Alakazam I’m hoping to swap them all out with new and better ones


Wow I have 2 and one is good lookin forward to this 9 day event


Really happy about the quests because Adventure week was nice and gonna have fun this weekend


I’m hoping so too there’s a big carnival in town this weekend


Is there stops


Oh yeah it’s downtown at Confederate Heroes Square there is like 8 stops and 2 gyms


Wow thats nice have fun and what fay will you go and what is there


We will go Saturday and hopefully try not to spend a lot of money it’s called the Gonzales come and take it look it up if you get a chance


Whenever I get more than 3 Alakazams, the weakest one gets left to die in a gym.


Like @NotanotherKangaskhan , you guys drop pokemon in gyms to die.


It’s sad the Wizard is made of paper thin glass and practically useless.
I’ve only kept the 1.


Well it has a good moveset


And that’s what makes it sad. It would be useful if it didn’t faint when sneezed on.